Many baseball greats start by grinding through the minor leagues, finally earning that promotion to the big leagues and realizing their dreams. In MLB The Show 23, you can emulate this and build a career for the ages in the popular Road to the Show mode, returning again this year.

It’s a great mode, but like with Diamond Dynasty and Franchise modes, Road to the Show can always improve. So, let’s have a little fun and build a wish list for Road to the Show in MLB The Show 23.

As always I will make 5 wishes and I hope they get granted when the game comes out.

Give an Option to Join Expansion Teams

MLB The Show 23

It seems a matter of time before Major League Baseball expands again, so MLB The Show 23 should get ahead of the curve here and incorporate the option for expansion. The Madden franchise has done well with this option in its Franchise mode, and MLB The Show could duplicate that.

Being the first draft pick of a new franchise, then the first face of that franchise, would be a really fun experience, not to mention a great storyline in the game.

Consequences for Bad Actions

Image Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

This is something I have wanted for a good bit of time, but i wish there was some sort of fine system with the dirty plays that my player that my player commits. It adds a bit of a realistic factor and it values the money value that you earn through your career. It would be neat to have so many fines that it could result in a suspension.

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Give Us the Bling

Something that I have for the past few years saw as a missed opportunity in MLB The Show 23 is the ability to customize jewelry for players in the game. This goes for all games too, but I would love to see a realistic factor added. Lets be real, most athletes play with their jewelry on and that is especially the case in baseball. I think it would be supercool to customize it with our character in Road To The Show. Even with the color, design, and many more.

Let Players Play in International Leagues

Image Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

If you choose to play as an international player, I think that it would be awesome if the starting point was on an international league. It would be super cool if that was in the case. Even if someone is sent to the minor leagues we have players given the option to go play in other leagues internationally and build their status up to get them signed in the major leagues again.

Make the Replay System Better

Ok, this maybe more of a nitpick by me, but I feel it is important to include it. The replay system in MLB The Show, especially in Road To The Show, can be a bit messy at times. Some of the angles in the game can be a bit bizarre and it can be very annoying at times. when I want to see questionable calls. A major complaint from close friends that have played the game with me is that the game has way too many slower replays and it is a bit unrealistic as in the real baseball games they also have normal speed replays.

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Those are my Top 5 wishes that I hope to see in the Road To The Show. I hope most if not all of them all get granted. However there is only one way to find out and that is when MLB The Show 23 gets released.

MLB The Show 23 will be released on March 28th on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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