I am super excited as we are in March and MLB The Show 23 is almost released. However, I still have 5 wishes that I hope get implemented in the game. I did this previously in my MLB The Show 23 Franchise Mode Wish List and you can click on the link if you want to see what I wished for in that mode. Now let’s do it for the Diamond Dynasty, so here we go.

More Team Building

MLB The Show 23

Image Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

The MLB The Show developers have done a great job implementing some team building elements in previous years, excluding the Diamond Dynasty mode. Adding more elements to Diamond Dynasty would be a good idea as if it worked for others it should work for this one as well.

Maybe that’s what the Captain Cards will do this year – we’ll know when the game launches next week.

More Types of Packs

Image Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

After playing a bunch of NHL 23 Ultimate Team and seeing the different variations of packs available in that game, I really want to see more variation in MLB The Show 23.

This is a change I have been requesting for a bit of time and one of my main complaints with last years game. The packs that have been available are always the same. It got stale after awhile and it got me to not even want to bother with these packs anymore, which to me is a big no-no. So a change up would be extremely beneficial and adding new types would help.

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The Chase packs in MLB The Show 22 were a nice addition, but hopefully we’ll see more than just the standard Show pack and Headliners packs this year.

Make Captain Cards and Wild Cards Mean Something

Image Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

MLB The Show 23 is implementing Seasons and Sets for the first time, and it should change how players construct their lineups over the course of the game’s life cycle. As part of that addition, Captain Cards and Wild Cards will be making their debut in Diamond Dynasty this year.

By the looks of things, it seems that Wild Cards won’t matter much until Season 3 at the earliest. However, Captain Cards should encourage players to use a lot more theme teams and stray away from their best lineup, or “God Squad,” more often.

If these changes increase the number of cards that are used regularly in the mode, we’re all for them.

Bring Team Affinity Back

Image Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

I might be in the minority here, but I wasn’t happy when Team Affinity got removed from MLB The Show prior to last year’s game. Sure, it got folded into Featured Programs, and that was nice, but there is something to be said for grinding through your favorite team’s program and earning some amazing players.

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If MLB The Show 23 can bring back some more team-specific programs for Diamond Dynasty, I, for one, would be pretty happy.

More Timed Competitive Events

Image Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Battle Royale is great, but it’s also where a lot of the try hards live. Events are great, but by mid-cycle, it feels as if they’re just rotating events tied to the Featured Program with Moonshot in-between.

Adding more events where I can use the cards I’ve earned without the 9-inning grind of Ranked Seasons would be nice.

Those are my Top 5 Wishes that I hope to see in the Dimond Dynasty. I hope most if not all of them all get granted. However, there is only one way to find out and that is when MLB The Show 23 gets released.

MLB The Show 23 will be released on March 28th on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

You can pre-order MLB The Show 23 here

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