Summer is heating up, and so is Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 22. The newest featured program, Sizzling Summer, kicked off today with a liver content stream from the team at Sony San Diego.

The Sizzling Summer featured program has five bosses to choose from as you earn XP and progress along the program path. If you earn enough XP, you will earn three of the five boss-level players.

As with every featured program, there are a lot of other cards to earn too. Along the way, you can complete moments, PXP missions, conquests, showdowns, and more to earn bonus XP.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about the Sizzling Summer featured program in MLB The Show 22:

How Long Does The Sizzling Summer Program Last?

Sizzling Summer began on Thursday, June 30 and will last for 18 days. That timeline brings us to the All-Star break, which will almost certainly be the focus of the next featured program. The program ends on Monday, July 18th at noon PT.

This is one of the shorter programs that have been offered thus far in MLB The Show 22. Two programs have lasted almost a month each, with the other two being three weeks and two weeks. Sizzling Summer, as a “fill in the gap” program to have until the All-Star Game, is the second-shortest program so far in MLB The Show 22.

Who Are The Bosses?

Bosses in the Sizzling Summer program are earned at 250,000, 300,000, and 325,000 XP. Each of the boss cards is a 96 overall, and four of the five are from the Takashi Okazaki series. The fifth card is a Fernando Valenzuela Prime Series card, which is earned at 300,000 XP.

Each available player has their benefits and might be able to help your Diamond Dynasty squad. Valenzuela gives a high-level “junk” pitcher that’s a nice change of pace in a game with a velocity meta on the bump. Piazza is arguably the best catcher in the game, aside from y’alls toxic CAPs. Stan Musial is going to provide a lot of balance at a position dominated by power. Rollie Fingers is a decent bullpen option, especially for no money spent teams. And Honus Wagner, with his 99 bunting and high speed and stealing, is a great option for you troll players out there.

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What Else Can I get In The Sizzling Summer Program?

In all, there are 55 levels to achieve by earning XP. Rewards range from stubs and cosmetics like team uniforms to Headliners packs, Always Intense packs, Classics, and Flashbacks and Legends packs. Boss choice packs are earned at 250,000 and 325,000 XP.

Here is everything you can earn in the MLB The Show 22 Sizzling Summer program:

LevelXP NeededProgram Reward
15000Legend Icons Choice Pack
210000Flashbacks & Legends Choice Pack
315000MLB Stars and Stripes Profile Icon & 500 Stubs
420000Legend Bat Skins Choice Pack
525000AL Flashbacks & Legends Choice Pack
630000Diamond Classics Choice Pack
735000Easton Stars and Stripes Gloves & 500 Stuns
840000NL Flashbacks & Legends Choice Pack
945000American Flag Gloves & 500 Stubs
10500001994 Pittsburgh Pirates Home Uniform & 1500 Stubs
1155000Diamond Flashbacks & Legends Choice Pack
12600001985 New York Mets Home Uniform
1370000Diamond Classics Choice Pack
14800001951 St. Louis Cardinals Home Uniform & 1500 Stubs
1590000Diamond Flashbacks & Legends Choice Pack
161000002 Headliners Set 26 Packs
17110000Freedom Bat Grip & 500 Stubs
18120000Diamond Classics Choice Pack
191300004th of July Gloves & 500 Stubs
20140000Diamond AL Flashbacks & Legends Choice Pack
211500005 MLB The Show Packs
22160000Diamond NL Flashbacks & Legends Choice Pack
231800003 MLB The Show Packs
241900004th of July Socks & 1000 Stubs
252000005 MLB The Show Packs
26210000Liberty Bat Skin & 1000 Stubs
27220000“I’m Walking Here” Stadium Sound & 2500 Stubs
282300003 MLB The Show Packs
29240000Ballin’ Is A Habit Pack
30250000Sizzling Summer Bosses Choice Pack
31265000“Bruh” Stadium Sound & 3000 Stubs
32280000MLB The Show Cover Athletes Choice Pack
3330000096 OV Fernando Valenzuela
34310000Ballin” Is A Habit Pack
35325000Sizzling Summer Bosses Choice Pack
36340000Always Intense Set 1 Choice Pack
37360000Takashi Okazaki Legends Choice Pack
38380000Ballin’ Is A Habit Pack
394000005 MLB The Show 22 Packs
404200003000 Stubs
414400002 Headliners Set 27 Packs
424600003 MLB The Show Packs
43480000Ballin’ Is A Habit Pack
44500000Always Intense Set 2 Choice Pack
455200002 Headliners Set 25 Packs
465400003 MLB The Show Packs
475600003500 Stubs
485800002 Ballin’ Is A Habit Packs
496000005 MLB The Show Packs
506250002 Headliners Set 24 Packs
516500003 Ballin’ Is A Habit Packs
526750005000 Stubs
537000005 MLB The Show Packs
547250005 Ballin’ Is A Habit Packs
5575000020 MLB The Show Packs & 1 Bonus Gold Pack

Earning XP In The MLB The Show Sizzling Summer Program

There are many ways to earn XP in MLB The Show 22, and virtually everything you do in the game can earn you XP towards the program path. The best way to earn XP is to simply play games. You can play online or offline, in Diamond Dynasty or in whichever mode is your favorite. Almost anything you do in MLB The Show 22 will help earn you XP.

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However, there are some ways to earn bonus XP to make the path to 325,000 XP in this program go by a little bit faster. Let’s take a look at what they are:

  • Conquest: Completing each conquest map tied to the program will get you an additional 30,000 XP as a bonus. You’ll also get the XP for playing the games and completing challenges within the map, so you’ll likely earn 45-50K XP by the time you’re done with the conquest. A bunch of new packs will come your way too.
  • Featured Program Moments: Complete the ten featured moments to earn a total of 15,000 bonus XP.
  • Daily Moments: There are always three daily moments active within the program, each of which worth 1,500 XP.
  • Legend & Flashback Missions: Use players you earn in the Legend & Flashback packs in your Diamond Dynasty lineup. Earn 500 PXP with each and get an XP bonus.

What do you think of the new program? Which card will you be going for first? Tune in to the next MLB The Show Weekly for our ranking of the Sizzling Summer boss cards.

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