Minecraft is THE sand block game featuring an infinite world filled with exotic creatures, thousands of materials to collect and build with and it even features other dimensions! If you are part of the 120’000+ Minecraft online players then you are probably excited for the latest update; Minecraft: Tails & Trails.

Contributed by Henry, twelve-year-old Minecraft enthusiast and son of Editor; Charles.

New Cherry Blossom Biome

Minecraft: Tails & Trails

Image Source: Mojang

In this update, Mojang only added one new biome but it’s oh, so beautiful. The new cherry blossom biome is an incredible feature in Minecraft: Tails and Trials featuring the new cherry wood type and cherry flower. These blocks can be used to build Japanese-style houses and incredible decorations around your base. Apart from the gorgeous wood type and flowers, the biome itself has a chill vibe with light green shaded grass and baby blue colored water. All in all, it’s a great place to build your base (rhyme intended).

Minecraft: Tails & Trails – New Blocks

In-Game Screenshot, Image Source: Mojang

There are tons of new features in Minecraft: Tails & Trails but the new blocks (for all the builders out there) are one of the most important. One thing that everyone is excited about is the new Cherry Blossom Trees! These new trees are gorgeous and have an incredible mood attached to them if you plant one at your base because of all the particle effects they have. Not only does the wood look nice but also everything that is made with it, for example, the new cherry wood doors. They help create the perfect Japanese style base if that’s what you’re looking for.

Let’s not overlook the new hanging signs which come in every wood variant! They fit in perfectly if you are trying to make a little community sort of vibe!

Furthermore, the new bamboo blocks blend in perfectly with your jungle biome! Just like any wood type they have fences, gates, and doors, however, unlike other wood types… instead of boats you can make a RAFT with them! Personally, I think that is an incredible feature!

This article would be way too long if I went through the details of every new block. However, I do want to take a quick look at the new pots that have been added that you can customize however you like with the new ‘pottery sherds’ (yep, that’s how you spell it) that can be found in the new suspicious sand and gravel blocks located in the mysterious trial ruins

Lastly, there will be new plants added to the game that can be grown on farms with seeds found by the Sniffer; a new mob that is also coming in Minecraft: Tails & Trails.

Minecraft: Tails & Trails – New Mobs

Image Source: Mojang

Even though this is a massive update, there will unfortunately only be two new mobs but oh, boy are they amazing! First, we have the camel which will be another mountable mob. The camel is unique in that it is a mount with two player slots meaning that both you and your friend can ride it at the same time! Also, a cool thing is that when you’re riding the camel zombies can’t touch you because it’s so tall!

The second mob added in Minecraft: Tails & Trails is the Sniffer. This unique creature has the ability to sniff out new seeds and then dig them up from the ground so that you can pick them up! These new seeds can be planted on farmland and when they grow fully they will reward you with a beautiful new decoration to your base; a flower!

Minecraft: Tails & Trails – New Items

Image Source: Mojang

One of the new items in the Minecraft: Tails & Trails update are called armor trims. They can be found throughout your Minecraft world, and maybe even in different dimensions. These allow players to infinitely customize their armor and make them look dope!

Not only do the different armor trims come in different shapes but by adding different ores like redstone and lapis, you can also make different colored trims! There is one upgrade item that can be found in Bastions that actually allows you to (without a netherite ingot) upgrade your item to netherite!

This is insane!

Furthermore, there are also a couple of new miscellaneous items such as the piglin head that can be acquired by blowing up a charged creeper next to a piglin making it drop its head! There is also a mysterious new block called the calibrated skulk sensor which is able to detect vibrations from 16 blocks away and has a cooldown of 1 second.

Last but certainly not least, we have the new chiseled bookshelf which Mojang has finally added after years of begging from the player base (It’s basically just a bookshelf that stores actual books).


Image Source: Mojang

A brand-new item called a brush can be used to uncover items within suspicious sand and gravel blocks. In these blocks, you might find a pottery shard. Pots can then be crafted to add even more decoration to your base!

What are you most looking forward to in the Minecraft: Tails & Trails update? Have you played the latest snapshot yet? Or are you playing Minecraft: Legends? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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