I finally got an opportunity to watch the Minecraft Championships 31st competition. It took me a bit of time to watch the live broadcast, but my goodness it just impresses me how these players play the game. I am a decent Minecraft player, but compared to those that compete in these game, they make me look like a scrub. MCC 31 had a ton of memorable moments and I am going to give the Top 4 plays that were done in the championships.

4. Sapnap Goes Crazy in Survival Games

Just watch the way Sapnap just performs in Survival Games, its just amazing how calm and poise he is while he PvP’s. Heck he even tied the elimination record in Survival Games with 8 eliminations. No matter what game he is in, Sapnap’s strength is in PVP and Survival Games. It just impresses me with how much better he gets with the more he plays in these events.

3. FireBreathMan’s TGTTOSAWAF Performance

Well, I did not expect a simple game like TGTTOSAWAF to be on this list. Look I think this is a pretty solid game in MC Championship, but I don’t think it is the best game compared to others. I will say though it shocks me with how great some plays have been. Look at FireBreathMan’s performance in MCC 31, i mean his lowest placement was in 3rd place. That is super hard to do as well and especially with having 6 parts to this game. I legit can’t remember a time where that has been done. (BTW if you do let me know in the comments)

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The only reason why this is not number 2 is that well I thing TGTTOSAWAF is more easier of a game the Sands of Time. Whoops, spoilers…..

2. Getting All of the Vaults in Sands of Time (Blue Bats – FHBomb94, Cubfan135, Krinios, Eret)

My favorite game that gets played in MC Championship is Sands of Time. I just love the idea of it and it looks like so much fun to play. The best performance in this game was of course from the Blue Bandits who put up numbers that was just perfect. The Blue Bandits got a total of 6,054 coins and getting all 4 vaults is just insanity. Legit close to perfection. They were in first by a country mile, but unfortunately for them it was not enough to play in Dogebolt.

1. Purpled’s Performance

I think we can all agree that the best performance in this game was from Purpled as he had the performance in his life in this game. My goodness he dominated almost every game and it was a shame that his team did not win the event. Purpled was the MVP of this event and it was not even close. Gosh it was so hard picking my favorite moments as Purpled had so many, so I decided to group all of it together in my ranking. Shoutout to youtuber All Things MCC as he made a great video grouping all of his great moments in the game and I strongly recommend you check the video out and his channel.

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Minecraft is available on PC and consoles.

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