I am a bit late to this, but I finally got a chance to fully watch then 30th Minecraft Championship Games. As always it is very enjoyable to watch these talented Minecraft players compete and make amazing moments. To me there are multiple moments that stand out, but there are 4 great moments that truly impressed me.

4. Seapeekay Completing the Hard Ending in Parkour Warrior

I will be real – doing Parkour in Minecraft can be very challenging. I don’t even know how many players can even complete some of the courses that the Minecraft Championship Crew even puts together. Especially with the finale course in Parkour Warrior. Well Youtuber Seapeekay did it and boy did it impress me. Just look at the clip below.

Not only competing the checkboard swap parkour which is insanely hard due to how quick the swap is, but the Final Climb as well which you have to land perfectly on trap door edge. It is insane how perfectly he does it. In fact, Seapeekay is the first player to completing the Hard Ending in Parkour Warrior in MC Championship history. Well Done Seapeekay.

3. 2 vs 4 in Dodgebolt, no problem

Antfrost and Purpled were put in a tough situation and were faced with a 2 on 4 matchup in Dodgebolt which is the last event to win the championship. It is a tough situation to be in, but both Antfrost and Purpled managed to win the first round by successfully avoiding getting shot and successfully killing the entire Purple Pandas squad. Purpled also almost got a 1 vs 3 in the game too, but unfortunately the Purple Pandas would win the event.

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2. Sapnap on Meltdown

Meltdown is a very creative game in the MCC and has had a lot of memorable performances. In this game, my goodness Sapnap is so dominant in this game. not only did he get 19 kills in this matchup, but he legit put on a strong performance that resulted in him getting the point record. I mean it is so impressive how he does it, just watch below and that will sum up him being in the Top 5.

1.The Green Geckos on Sands of Time

Of course, this has to go number one. Especially with how the Green Geckos got all 4 Vaults in Sands of Time and managed to bank all of the coins. It is so hard just to get at least 2 vaults and the fact that they were able to get all 4 is insanity and easily got 1st in this part of the game getting 3,151 coins. Kudos to every player on the Green Geckos including jojosolos, KaraCorvus, Michaelmcchill, and PeteZahHutt.

Minecraft is available on PC and consoles.

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