MCU fans aren’t alone in criticizing Phase 4. In an interview with CNBC, Disney CEO Bob Iger agreed that some of Disney’s studios, including Marvel, have been increasing quantity with poor results. Disney intends to change that.

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Unlike MCU fans, Iger didn’t criticize the content of MCU Phase 4 very much, saying only of Disney Animation: “We have some work to do there in terms of improving our creative output.” Some in the MCU, like Adam Warlock actor Will Poulter, have defended Phase 4 against fan criticisms of the content.

Iger’s criticism is that after coming off the pandemic lockdowns, when everything went directly to streaming, Disney’s “zeal” to increase content output has “ended up taxing our people way beyond in terms of their time and their focus”.

Of the MCU, he said:

“Marvel is a great example of that. It had not been in the television business at any significant level, and not only did they increase their movie output, but they ended up making a number of TV series. Frankly, it diluted focus and attention… I think [that is] more of the cause than anything else.”

Along with the rest of Disney — which announced earlier this year that it would be cutting billions of dollars in costs, mostly in non-sports content — the MCU has been downshifting its content output. Phase 4 left little-to-no breathing room between movies and shows. But Phase 5 has been fixing that problem: The Marvels, the next MCU film, was scheduled to release in July, just two months after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. It has been pushed back to November 11.

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