Once again, audiences will be taking the red pill. According to Variety Magazine, a fifth for The Matrix saga is coming. This time around, however, the Wachowski sisters will not direct the film as usual. Instead, series collaborator Drew Goddard will serve as director. Perhaps the films foreshadowed this at the end of Resurrections, which featured a far less conclusive ending than that of the original trilogy, Revelations. Without going into spoilers, Resurrections left The Matrix saga on a cliffhanger and opened many new possibilities. As Warner Brothers just announced the film, no cast members, story details, or release date were announced.

Can the Story of the Matrix Continue?

Immediately, the news of a fifth installment in the Matrix saga recieved backlash. This largely due to the lukewarm reception to the previous installment, Matrix: Resurrections. While Resurrections received ambivalent reception, fans labeled it as an unnecessary continuation to the decades-done series. However, the film made up for this with its heavy amounts of meta commentary that still spark debate to this day, including the infamous “our beloved parent company Warner Brothers” line. Furthermore, works such as The Animatrix anthology showed how this universe could expand beyond the films. With such an open ending, the saga should at least follow through to the end.

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Can this New Film Work?

Interestingly, Drew himself came up with this supposed idea for the next film. Warner Brothers executive Jessie Ehrman said “Drew came to Warner Bros. with a new idea that we all believe would be an incredible way to continue the Matrix world.” Furthermore, Drew has proven himself as a director with films such as Cabin in the Woods (another meta film) and Bad Times at the El Royale. In today’s cinematic landscape, studios bombard audiences with remakes, reboots, and spinoffs of established franchises. While the first film was undoubtedly iconic, no other sequel has accurately managed to capture the same ideas beyond it.

The Matrix movies will be found on MAX.

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