In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, we experience New York as Peter Parker and Miles Morales. If you look at the cover art, we see that the iconic red background is back for the sequel. On the cover are both Peter and Miles swinging into action and it’s worth noting that their poses symbolize two new mechanics for both respective characters. Peter with the symbiote, and Miles with the evolved Bioelectric Venom powers.

Revealed last month during the PlayStation Showcase, the main storyline of the game will have us take control of both Spider-Men at different points in the campaign. In the open world, you will be able to switch nearly instantly between them as we explore Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. Both Spider-Men will have missions and stories exclusive to them.

Officially launching on October 20th Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will have multiple editions available for pre-order on June 16th. While there was no new gameplay shown during the Summer Game Fest Showcase, Creative Director Bryan Intihar revealed vital details and concept art for the latest PS5 title. We got a fresh look at Kraven fighting both Spider-Men as well as a new look at Venom fighting both Spider-Men as well as pre-order incentives for two physical editions and one digital edition.  

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Starting June 16th, fans will be able to pre-order the new web-slinging adventure at their preferred location. The breakdown of each edition is below. 

When Can I Pre-Order Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be available to pre-order on June 16, 2023.

Standard Edition (base game)  

Spider-Man 2 Pre Order bonuses

This version comes with the base game along with the ArachKnight suit for Peter and the Shadow-Spider Suit for Miles, both suits also have three color variants to choose from. Players also get three bonus skill points and an early unlock for the Web Grabber. You can get these items with any version you pre-order. The price for the Standard Edition is set at $69.99. 

Digital Deluxe Edition 

This all-digital version of the game gets you everything mentioned in the previous tier and 10 additional suits for Peter and Miles to wear. You also get two additional bonus points to flesh out each Spider-Man 2 character as well as bonus photo mode items. The 10 suits available are as follows and this version will be priced at $79.99 

  • Tactical Suit 
  • Stone Monkey Suit 
  • Apunkalyptic Suit 
  • 25th Century Suit 
  • Aurantia Suit 
  • Agimat Suit 
  • Red Spectre Suit 
  • Encoded Suit 
  • Biomechanical Suit 
  • Tokusatsu Suit 

Collector’s Edition 

Finally, we have the collector’s edition of the game and it’s a big one. Not only do you get everything mentioned above in the two previous tiers, but for the die-hard fans of the wall-crawler, you get a beautiful 19-inch statue of Venom fighting both Peter Parker and Miles Morales as Spider-Man. It’s worth noting that the collector’s edition only comes with a digital version of the game like most Sony Collector’s Editions often do, However, you do get a collectible steel bookcase for the game as well as a voucher to redeem your digital game. This Collector’s Edition will cost $229 with supplies lasting a limited time.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is out October 20th, exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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