PlayStation just aired their Summer Showcase and Sony decided to end the event by revealing gameplay footage of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Here’s what we know: Kraven the Hunter is in search of an equal. A worthy adversary that gives him a proper challenge. After a failed hunt in the jungle, Kraven’s team points him in the direction of New York, home of our two favorite web-heads and an impressive rogue’s gallery of villains.

Along with Kraven the Hunter, we get a new faction to deal with in Kraven’s Hunters which is much like Sable’s army from the first game. It seems that one of the earliest villains in the game we’ll have to deal with is none other than Curt Connors AKA The Lizard who looks meaner than ever in this iteration. 

One of the biggest takeaways from this reveal trailer is Peter Parker in the coveted symbiotic suit. It’s not known how long we’ll play as Spider-Man in the black suit, but it’s been a fan favorite since its introduction in the comics. While wearing the symbiote, Peter Parker becomes much more aggressive and punches stop being pulled. PlayStation will give us a much more personal story in this game for Peter Parker as the symbiotic suit is often tied to a personal struggle Parker often faces and must overcome.

Move Along

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

PlayStation also gave us our first look at how they’re going to handle letting us play as two Spider-Men and the answer to that is a near-instant switching between both Peter Parker and Miles Morales. We also got a look at how traversal is going to change things up a bit with Web-Wings, allowing for swift and fast traversal through NYC. Traversal in the first two games was pretty exciting to experience in this world and with the inclusion of these web-wings, traversal will get a definite speed boost as players will be able to take advantage of wind tunnels between skylines. 

Pack This Punch!

The fighting mechanics seem to be largely the same with a few additions here and there. From the dual takedown to the Web Grabber to the Thunder Burst, a new ground-and-pound move for Miles Morales, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will feature quite a few new mechanics for players to learn. Both Spider-Men will have their own respective skill tree to upgrade, though they will also have a shared skill tree that offers parallel upgrades to both.  

PlayStation promises that players will “feel” the Spidey-Sense as this game takes advantage of the PS5’s SSD as we soar through the concrete jungle, zipping past cars, buildings, and pedestrians. We also get a richer world, denser and more packed with details and improved textures. If players have the PlayStation 3D audio headset, they’ll be able to take advantage of the new spatial 3D audio soundscapes around them in the game.

The full immersion for PlayStation just aired their Summer Showcase and Sony decided to end the event by revealing gameplay footage of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on the PS5 is upgraded from sound to the DualSense wireless controller as the game will take advantage of a range of haptics and a spectacular use of adaptive triggers. 

While a release date has yet to be revealed, Insomniac and PlayStation are promising they’ll release Fall of 2023 with a full release date and pre-order announcement coming soon.  

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