With Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 finally releasing after years of waiting, fans have been graced with a new and original take on one of the most memorable arcs in the history of this iconic character. While Venom and Kraven take up much of the spotlight, other villains from Spider-Man’s rogues gallery make memorable appearances as well. One villain we are introduced to early on is Sandman himself, Flint Marko. Despite only being in the opening moments, his story continues throughout the rest of the game in the form of collectible missions.

How to Unlock Marko’s Memories

Breaking a sand crystal in Spider-Man 2

After beating Sandman at the beginning of the game, Miles will find a large crystal hidden among the wreckage from the fight during the “One Thing At A Time” mission. Approaching the crystal will trigger a battle with multiple Sandman clones. At the end of this encounter, Miles will break apart the crystal to reveal a formation inside which will activate an echo of Marko’s voice from the past. This will lead to more of Marko’s memories being placed all over the map for you to find, as either Miles or Peter, while you roam the city. 

Finding Marko’s Memories

Finding Marko's Memory in the open world in Spider-Man 2

Discovering where the different memories are located isn’t too hard of a task compared to some of the other collectibles. As you explore the city, and reveal more of the map, Marko’s memories will be indicated by an orange crystal icon on the minimap or large map you can pull up in the menu. Without looking at the menu, they are hard to miss as they have mini sandstorms surrounding them, so keeping an eye out for sand in places where there shouldn’t be is a good way to locate the crystals. 

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Spider-Man 2 Marko's Memory

Completing the encounters for these crystals is fairly simple. Just like what you did earlier as Miles, beat the sand minions then press the triangle button as prompted to grab the crystal before breaking it apart by pressing down on R2 and L2. 

It is explained that Marko’s mind has become fractured with pieces of his memory being physically scattered all over New York. Completing these, and listening to the memories, will help piece together what happened to Sandman to cause him to go on a rampage throughout NYC. You will also receive some XP and city tokens for crafting upgrades and new suits when you choose to find these.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is out now on Playstation 5

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