Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is finally out on PlayStation 5 consoles everywhere and features nearly 20 characters from Spider-Man lore.

Yuri Lowenthal as Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Peter Parker

Yuri Lowenthal is back as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. This time around, Peter Parker has several challenges to face not only as a wall-crawler but also as Peter Parker, such as balancing life as Spider-Man, finding a new job, and keeping his family home after the death of Aunt May.

This sequel promises to take our hero down a much darker path with the inclusion of the Venom symbiote, giving us a new black suit that comes with a darker attitude. This results in a more aggressive Peter than fans of this universe have seen.

Nadji Jeter as Miles Morales/Spider-Man

Miles Morales

After his own solo game in Miles Morales, Nadji Jeter returns as the younger Spider-Man co-leading the game opposite of Lowenthal’s Spider-Man. While this hero is still young, Miles received a digital facelift making him appear a little older since he’ll be a prospective college student in this game.

With new looks comes fresh threads; Miles is sporting a new hairstyle as well as an updated costume to go with his new outlook on life, as well a handful of new Spidey powers for players to unleash on bad guys as they get to swap between both Peter and Miles in the long-awaited sequel.

Laura Bailey as Mary Jane Watson

MJ Watson

Laura Bailey returns as the voice of MJ Watson, the now Associate Editor at the Daily Bugle. Last heard in Miles Morales’s spin-off as she and Peter left for Silver Sable’s home country of Symkaria.

MJ and Peter are back on US soil, working as an investigative reporter and published author as she and Peter try to rekindle their love life. Fans will get to play as MJ for a couple of side missions that are similar to the first game, though MJ’s role is more active in the game than in the original 2018 game.

Graham Phillips as Harry Osborne

Harry Osborne

Graham Phillips replaces Scott Porter as Harry Osborne, Peter Parker’s best friend, in Spider-Man 2.

Harry spent the first game terminally ill, unbeknownst to his best friends Peter Parker and MJ Watson, until the end of the game. Harry returns seemingly alive and well and looks to revive the friendship him and Peter once had.

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Jim Pirri as Sergei Kravinhoff/Kraven the Hunter


Leading the spot as one of the two big villains in Spider-Man 2, Jim Pirri makes his debut as Kraven the Hunter. Originally revealed in the game’s first trailer, Kraven is seen investigating the world and looking for his next big hunt before settling on Manhattan and its numerous heroes and villains.

As Kraven enters New York City, the hunter realizes there is much more to the Big Apple than Spidey and his rogues gallery after witnessing the symbiote in action.

Tony Todd as Venom


Making his long-awaited arrival to the franchise, Venom makes his debut in Spider-Man 2, opposite Kraven on the villain side. Teased at the end of the first game, many players have been craving for the black suit to swing into the game. Venom adds a new layer of drama into the lives of Spider-Men as he will undoubtedly wreak havoc across NYC in a way our wall-crawlers have never seen.

Mark Rolston as Norman Osborne

Norman Osborne

Mark Rolston returns as Norman Osborn for Spider-Man 2. At the end of Miles Morales, players see Osborne pushing for Harry to be released from the container Norman placed him in to recover.

While it wasn’t ever confirmed, players were quick to notice that the material in the container looked a little alien and could see Harry becoming Venom, which sets up darker moments for both characters in the sequel as Norman will do whatever it takes to save his only son.

Mark Whitten as Curt Connors/Lizard


Making his first on-screen appearance in Miles Morales, Curt Conners is voiced by Mark Whitten. While he was never seen in the first game, Yuri Watanabe does mention that The Lizard and Spider-Man have crossed paths before, which tells us that Connors has left his Lizard days behind him, at least for now.

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Griffin Puatu as Genke Lee


Ganke Lee is Miles Morales’s best friend and sees Griffin Puatu return as the character he voiced in Miles Morales.

Ganke is Miles’s “guy in the chair,” though he quickly becomes a welcoming teammate amongst the Spider-Pals. Ganke quickly realizes the dangers and excitement of having a web-slinger as a best friend.

Darin De Paul as J. Jonah Jameson

J. Jonah Jameson

It’s hard to top J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson, but Darin De Paul probably does a better job than Simmons does as he returns as the angry and stubborn Daily Bugle editor.

Briefly seen in the beginning of Miles Morales, Jameson plays a much bigger role in this game as he returns as the editor of the Daily Bugle and MJ’s boss.

Jacqueline Piñol as Rio Morales

Rio Morales

Jacqueline Piñol returns as Rio Morales, the mother of our young Spider-Man. After the events of the Miles Morales spin-off game, Rio becomes a member of the city council, and she does everything in her power to help Harlem become a better place.

Leandro Cano as Flint Marko/Sandman


Confirmed to be in the game during the last trailer, longtime Spider-Man fans will be able to fight Sandman after being teased in the 2018 game. Leandro Cano makes his debut as the particulate-based Big Bad.

Thanks to the trailer, we get to see Marko larger than life and causing chaos in New York.

Noshir Dalal as Quentin Beck/Mysterio


Noshir Dalal debuted as Quentin Beck, known to many Spider-Man fans as Mysterio. First teased in September 2023’s gameplay trailer, this iconic villain is a reformed bad guy trying to get his life back on track.

Stephen Oyoung as Martin Li/Mister Negative

Mister Negative

Martin Li returns in this game, though in a smaller yet impactful way. Stephen Oyoung returns to provide voice acting and motion capture for the role; last seen in the original game, Li was locked away.

As Li returns for Spider-Man 2, the trailer promises players that Miles Morales will have some interaction with Li, the man who killed his father.

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Tara Platt as Yuri Watanabe/Wraith


Tara Platt returns as Yuri Watanabe, a former police captain of the NYPD, though after the end of the first game, we see Yuri give up the badge and go on the run, returning as a vigilante herself under the name of “Wraith.”

Wraith and Spider-Man team up to take down a mysterious cult-like organization that has made New York City its home.

Erica Lindbeck as Felicia Hardy/Black Cat

Black Cat

While she was just a supporting role in the main game during the first Spider-Man, Felicia Hardy played a heavy role in the DLC stories that came after.

Erica Lindbeck returns as Black Cat in Spider-Man 2 to give Peter and Miles a run for their money. Briefly seen in the trailer as one of Kraven The Hunter’s targets, Black Cat treads the line of hero and villain, often pitting herself against Spider-Man with her criminal inclinations.

Ike Amadi as Aaron Davis/Prowler


Miles Morales’s uncle Aaron Davis, The Prowler, first debuted in Miles Morales as he quickly learned his nephew has superpowers of his own and has taken up the mantle of Spider-Man.

Spider-Man 2 finds Aaron Davis giving up his life of crime for good and wants to get closer to his family while teaching his nephew a few things to help him become the best hero he can be.

Corey Jones as Lonnie Lincoln/Tombstone

Once a prominent villain among Spider-Man’s rogue’s gallery, Corey Jones returns as Lonnie Lincoln, aka Tombstone. When we last saw Tombstone, players discovered that Peter cured him of his unbreakable skin.

After the events of the first game, Lonnie Lincoln finds himself living a peaceful life as a reformed villain for Spider-Man 2.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is out now on PlayStation 5!

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