In this article, we will take a deep dive at everything that is coming in EA’s Madden NFL 25, from gameplay to features and more.

Cover Athlete

On June 11th, it was revealed that Christian McCaffrey would be Madden 25‘s cover athlete. The San Francisco 49er led the league in rushing yards and total yards last season and was named the NFL’s Offensive Player of the Year.


Madden 25 will introduce a new tackling system called BOOM Tech. This System uses physics-based tackling to give a more realistic feel. This system takes into account timing, momentum, weight, speed, strength, and player ratings to determine the tackling animation. The Hit Stick has been refreshed with a timing-based mechanic, resulting in more realistic movements. Finally, a new Ball Carrier Balance and Recovery System determines the animation based on the quality of the hit and the ratings of players. This gives you control to counter the Hit Stick and recover your balance. Note that BOOM Tech will only be available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Madden 25, FieldSENSE


The FieldSENSE system has existed since Madden 23 and is being updated to provide increased control. This includes innovative passing, catching, blocking, coverage, and advanced ball carrier mechanics, all of which aim to provide more dynamic and realistic playmaking.

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Immersion and Franchise

Madden 25 will dive deeper into the NFL game day experience. The whole idea was to make Madden 25 more realistic by including features such as realistic Franchise changes, new commentary crews, and all the new gameplay mechanics and animations. Franchise mode is getting revamped and will be providing more realism and immersion. Here are a couple of things coming with the updated Franchise mode:

  • NFL Draft Night is more authentic with a rebuilt environment, player fits, iconic moments, and more.
  • Manage personalities through dynamic storylines.

Team Builder

Team Builder gives you more customization than ever in Franchise. With the addition of uploading your own logos, you now have more customization options than ever.

More information on Franchsise changes can be found in the first edition of Gridiron Notes for Madden NFL 25.

Superstar Mode

Madden 25, Lamar Jackson

Superstar mode has added more customization options, including new archetypes, faces, hair, tattoos, and more. This biggest news involving Superstar mode is the ability to transition your Road to Glory character from EA SPORTS College Football 25 into Superstar mode, where you can continue the story of your college football character all the way to the NFL.

Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team gets a new Head to Head ranked mode where only wins can improve your rank. Earning Rank Points will move you up or down Divisions (only available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC). Rank up to the Legends Division, an exclusive competition level reserved for the top 100 Ultimate Team players. Ultimate Team will also see a complete overhaul on the lineup screen that will help streamline the management of your roster.

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With more news about Madden 25 set to release, make sure to check back. We will cover everything that happens on August 16th, when Madden NFL 25 launches.

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