Madden 24 has recently launched the 3rd season of there Competitive Field Pass Rewards. In case you’re not familiar, the Competitive Field Pass is a special promotion that provides players with a distinct collection of rewards. These rewards can be earned by accumulating Comp Points, which are obtained through completing objectives in Solo Battles, MUT Champs, and H2H Seasons. As players reach different milestone levels, they unlock various rewards for their Ultimate Team.

The list of rewards for each milestone level in Madden 24 Season 3 is provided below

Madden 24: Season 3 Field Pass Rewards

Michael Vick (Level 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50)

Michael Vick was going to be the main player to keep an eye on as Season 3 has been marketing him for this season. For Season 3 he is easily attainable by just logging into Ultimate Team for Season 3. When it comes to the overall ratings it starts at 85 overall and it can be upgraded to 93 overall.

Now because Vick is the marketable asset in this season he has two superstar abilities. The first one is called Backyard QB which focuses on passers having access to four extra hot routes during preplay adjustments and receive more immediate playmaker reactions from WRs. With his secound ability he has his own X Factor called O4′ Vick. In this it basically is the ultamite cheat code to improve scrambling speed leaving the pocket.

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Here is the problem with calling it an ultamite cheat code, there are requirements for it. In order to activate it you have to rush 1 yard at least 8 times and it gets deactivated if you get tackled for a loss. So its basoically hard to keep it up.

Now keep in mind: QB Scrambles on passing plays or designed run plays will count towards the activation.

Vick’s rating should be a 99 Overall rating. I’m sorry him having 2 factors and being 93 overall as the highest to get is a slap in the face.

Ted Hendricks (Level 5 & 25)

Hendricks is earnable once you get to Level 5 for Season 3. His starting OVR is a 88 and can be upgraded to a 90 OVR with a collectible earned at Level 25. Hendricks can be upgraded even further to a 91 OVR by applying a collectible to his item earned at Level 55. Something important to note is that you have a choice at upgrading either Hendricks or the next player on the list.

Barry Sanders (Level 15)

Sanders becomes available once you reach Level 15 in Season 3. He possesses a superstar ability named Backyard HB. This ability allows players lined up at running back to access four additional hot routes during pre-play adjustments and respond more swiftly to playmaker inputs, enabling quicker adjustments and reactions to plays.

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Upon acquiring Sanders, his initial overall rating stands at 90. However, reaching Level 55 allows for an upgrade to 91. Notably, at Level 55, there’s an option to upgrade either Sanders or Hendricks. Nevertheless, the upgrade results in only a one-point increase in overall rating. Considering the considerable effort required to reach Level 55, a mere one-point increase is disappointing. Given the choice, I would opt for Barry Sanders for the one-point overall increase, but it still feels underwhelming.

Darren Woodson (Level 35)

Woodson becomes available for acquisition at Level 35. Upon acquiring Woodson in Season 3, he possesses the Superstar ability known as Deep Zone KO. This ability focuses on defenders, empowering them to force more catch knockouts and react faster in deep zone coverage, specifically in areas 20+ yards from the Line of Scrimmage (LoS). This ability proves highly advantageous and can significantly aid your defense, particularly in enhancing deeper zone coverage within the secondary.

Bruce Matthews (Level 45)

In order to obtain Bruce Matthews, you have to be at Level 45. Which is a bizarre card to have at that level as the offensive line cards in Madden is pretty useless. What is also useless is the so called “new Superstar ability” which is named Omniscient. The Omniscient is the ability that can detect user-controlled defenders before the snap; as well as 3rd and 4th down blitzers. This ability is pretty useless as not only can this ability be “bluffed” but the blocking is already a mess on this team.

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So, those are the rewards for Season 3. Do you like the rewards for Season 3? What about the tokens for the Competitive Field Pass Season 3? Do you believe that Season 3 is better or Season 2 or 1? Let me know in the comment section what you guys think about it.

Madden 24 is available to play now on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

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