Madden 24 is out now, and with it comes Season 1 of Madden Ultimate Team. As usual, there is a brand-new Field Pass, themed sets, and Legend cards. It’s early in the game’s cycle, so you won’t find any 99-overall cards yet — but there’s still some great content to get you started on an all-new season of Madden Ultimate Team.

Madden Ultimate Team is a lot like card collecting, if you could actually see the cards you’ve collected play games. You can combine legends from the past with NFL stars from today to create a dream team. Players can play games, take on challenges, and complete sets to get better players and items to improve their Ultimate Team throughout the year.

Madden 24 Season 1 Field Pass

Madden 24 Field Pass

The Field Pass in Madden 24 is much like a Battle Pass in other online games. If you’ve played the popular MLB The Show series, Field Pass is very much modeled after that game’s Featured Programs.

Field Pass offers players different levels and tiers to work toward, each with a new reward when it is attained. To work your way along the path, you must earn Season 1 XP by completing objectives that span statistical achievement and wins across different game modes within Madden Ultimate Team.

Here are the different levels and rewards within Madden Ultimate Team’s Season 1 Field Pass:

LevelXP NeededReward
10Next Era
210,00070+ OVR Gold Player
320,00010,000 Coins
432,00083 OVR BND D’Andre Swift
544,00070+ OVR Gold Player
656,000Max Fantasy Pack
768,00010,000 Coins
880,00084 OVR BND Bryce Young
992,000Pro Max Fantasy Pack
10106,000Max Fantasy Pack
11120,000Playmaker Pack
12134,00010,000 Coins
13148,000North S1 Uniform Fantasy Pack
14162,000Max Fantasy Pack
15178,000Jalen Ramsey Token
16194,00010,000 Coins
17210,000Playmaker Pack
18226,000East S1 Uniform Fantasy Pack
19242,00010,000 Coins
20260,000Headliners Pack
21278,00085 OVR BND Reggie White
22296,00010,000 Coins
23314,000Pro Playmaker Pack
24332,000South S1 Uniform Fantasy Pack
25350,00010,000 Coins
26370,000Bryce Young Token
27390,000Max Fantasy Pack
28410,00010,000 Coins
29430,000Star Elite Pack
30450,000Jalen Ramsey Token
31472,000Playmaker Pack
32494,000West S1 Uniform Fantasy Pack
33516,00010,000 Coins
34538,00086 OVR BND Deandre Hopkins
35562,000Max Fantasy Pack
36586,000Star Elite Pack
37610,000Wembley Stadium
38634,00010,000 Coins
39660,000Max Fantasy Pack
40686,000Playmaker Pack
41712,000Jalen Ramsey Token
42738,00010,000 Coins
43766,000Pro Max Fantasy Pack
44794,000Max Fantasy Pack
45822,000Star Elite Pack
46850,00010,000 Coins
47880,000All S1 Uniform Fantasy Pack
48910,00010,000 Coins
49940,000Star Elite Pack
50970,000Reggie White Token
511,000,000Pro Playmaker Pack
521,050,00010,000 Coins
531,100,000Max Fantasy Pack
541,150,00010,000 Coins
551,200,000Jalen Ramsey Token
561,250,00010,000 Coins
571,300,000Season 2 XP Collectible
581,350,00010,000 Coins
591,400,000Star Elite Pack
601,450,00010,000 Coins
611,500,000Triumph Elite Pack
Madden 24 Season 1 Field Pass

How to Earn XP

Madden 24 Cowboys 49ers

Earning XP towards the Madden Ultimate Team Field Pass isn’t as straightforward as it is in a game like MLB The Show, where you can earn XP for playing any mode in the game. In Madden 24, XP is earned by completing objectives and earning tiers in other themed field passes like Headliners or Captains.

There are daily objectives that will get you more XP on a daily basis, with a bonus for completing all daily objectives repeatedly. If you complete all daily objectives 30 times, you’ll earn an additional 210,000 Season 1 XP.

The other big way to earn XP is by completing the stats objectives for Season 1. The objectives and rewards are as follows:

Stat ThresholdXP Reward
Score 50+ Touchdowns in any MUT Mode500
Score 100+ Touchdowns in any MUT Mode1500
Score 400+ Touchdowns in any MUT Mode3000
Score 700+ Touchdowns in any MUT Mode5000
Score 150+ Points in any MUT Mode500
Score 500+ Points in any MUT Mode1500
Score 3,000+ Points in any MUT Mode3000
Score 5,000+ Points in any MUT Mode5000
Pass for 1,500+ Yards in any MUT Mode500
Pass for 3,500+ Yards in any MUT Mode1500
Pass for 10,000+ Yards in any MUT Mode3000
Pass for 20,000+ Yards in any MUT Mode5000
Rush for 250+ Yards in any MUT Mode500
Rush for 750+ Yards in any MUT Mode1500
Rush for 4,000+ Yards in any MUT Mode3000
Rush for 7,000+ Yards in any MUT Mode5000
Record 100+ Team Tackles in any MUT Mode500
Record 1,500+ Team Tackles in any MUT Mode1500
Record 3,500+ Team Tackles in any MUT Mode3000
Record 6,000+ Team Tackles in any MUT Mode5000

Madden 24 Headliners

Headliners is the featured set of cards in Season 1 of MUT. The series includes base level cards, boss-level 87 OVR cards, and cards that can be upgraded.

Headliners has its own Field Pass, and at Level 2 you’ll have your first big decision to make. At Level 2, you’ll receive a Headliners Front Page Player Pack, which gives you a choice of the following 79 OVR players:

  • Cobie Durant, CB, Los Angeles Rams
  • Reed Blankenship, FS, Philadelphia Eagles
  • Javonte Williams, HB, Denver Broncos
  • Drake Jackson, LE, San Francisco 49ers
  • Kaden Ellis, MLB, New Orleans Saints/Atlanta Falcons
  • Alijah Vera-Tucker, RG, New York Jets
  • Isaiah Likely, TW, Baltimore Ravens
  • Wan’Dale Robinson, WR, New York Giants

Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll be able to apply Front Page tokens to the player to upgrade them to as high as 85 OVR. Your selection should be based on your team’s biggest need, but some positions in Madden 24 are more important than others.

The 87 OVR boss players in Headliners include QB Kenny Pickett, SS Kamren Curl, and ROLB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah. Each of those cards can be obtained by completing a set of five 84-85 OVR Headliners players.

Madden 24 Season 1 Legends

The first round of Madden 24 Legends were revealed on Good Morning Madden on August 18, and there are ten total players in the first batch. Legends Champion players in this first batch are 87 OVR players, and there are some potential great additions to your lineup.

As always, there are a couple of limited time players, which have the label of “LTD” in the bottom-right corner of the card. If you pull one of these cards in a pack, take it. They are only in packs for the first 48 hours and can only be purchased in the auction house afterward. As a result, they become the most expensive cards in the game.

Legends Program Limited Edition Players

There are two total LTD players in the Legends program in Season 1:

  • Chad Johnson, WR, Cincinnati Bengals, 87 OVR
  • Warren Sapp, DT, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 87 OVR

Legends Program Champions

There are eight Legends program Champions, and there are two ways to get them. If you want to spend some real-world money in the store, it’s possible — but far from guaranteed — that you can pull one from a Legends pack. The other way is to complete sets that combine the 78, 81, and 84 OVR versions of that legend plus some other cards to earn the 87 OVR version.

The Legends Champions in the first batch are:

  • ED Reed, FS, Baltimore Ravens, 87 OVR
  • Richard Sherman, CB, Seattle Seahawks, 87 OVR
  • Junior Seau, MLB, Los Angeles Chargers, 87 OVR
  • Javon Kearse, RE, Tennessee Titans, 87 OVR
  • Dan Dierdorf, RT, Arizone Cardinals, 87 OVR
  • Devin Hester, WR, Chicago Bears, 87 OVR
  • Franco Harris, FB, Pittsburgh Steelers, 87 OVR
  • Fred Taylor, HB, Jacksonville Jaguars

Along the way, you’ll want to complete the objectives in the Legends Field Pass, as they will earn you Legends tokens that can be exchanged for Legends Program Fantasy Packs. Each of these packs give you an opportunity to choose one of the Legends Champions players, so it’s worth earning the 16 tokens that allow you to open one pack.

What do you think about the Madden 24 Season 1 cards and programs? Which Legends player is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Madden 24 is available to play now on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

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