Madden 24 has recently launched, and a topic that’s generating a lot of player discussion is the Competitive Field Pass Rewards for Season 1. In case you’re not familiar, the Competitive Field Pass is a special promotion that provides players with a distinct collection of rewards. These rewards can be earned by accumulating Comp Points, which are obtained through completing objectives in Solo Battles, MUT Champs, and H2H Seasons. As players reach different milestone levels, they unlock various rewards for their Ultimate Team.

The list of rewards for each milestone level in Madden 24 Season 1 is provided below.

Madden 24: Season 1 Field Pass Rewards

Madden 24 Season 1 Field Pass Rewards

That is a lot of rewards that you can get with every high level that you get in Ultimate Teams. While there is a quality amount of rewards, there are really 4 specific rewards that have the most value and is not a Pack. Those are Jalen Ramsey Token (Level 15, 30, 41, & 55), Reggie White (Level 21 & 50), Bryce Young (Level 8 & 26), DeAndre Hopkins (Level 34), D’Andre Swift (Level 4)

D’Andre Swift (Level 4)

This particular reward is attainable at Level 4 in Ultimate Team. While it is indeed a solid reward, Swift can prove to be valuable in strengthening your team, especially if your running back position needs reinforcement. However, there’s no standout element that significantly distinguishes this reward, making it relatively weaker. This aligns with the fact that it’s one of the initial rewards players receive in this mode.

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DeAndre Hopkins (Level 34)

This card can be obtained once you get to Level 34 and Hopkins can be a solid addition towards your Ultimate Team depending on your receiver core.

Bryce Young (Level 8 & 26)

The 1st overall pick of the 2023 NFL Draft will be available once you get to Level 8. This is a nice card to get as there is a ton of hype with Bryce Young. The thing to keep note is that the starting overall with this is 84 and upgrades to 86 OVR with a collectible earned at Level 26.

Reggie White (Level 21 & 50)

In any Madden Ultimate Team there is going to be a reward that involves a Pro Football Hall of Famer. Reggie White to me is one of the greatest defensive players that played in the NFL. One thing that is annoying is that White’s Starting OVR is 85 and upgrades to 87 OVR with a collectible earned at Level 50. I’m sorry of they are getting upgrades in Level 40-60 the ratings have to be in the 90’s.

Jalen Ramsey Token (Level 15, 30, 41, & 55)

A Jalen Ramsey Token in ultimate team is always a win in my book. The best part is that he is available by logging into Mut. I am not a fan that the upgrades only go up 6 overall for Ramsey’s overall. Especially in the later level upgrades, like I said earlier talking about Reggie White, if of they are getting upgrades in Level 40-60 the ratings have to be in the 90’s. The one thing that really attacks Ramsey is that he unlocks a motivator chemistry that boosts all Season 1 players with a +1 increase to specific ratings. That is a very useful get in Ultimate Team as that can improve the team overall.

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So, those are the rewards for Season 1. Do you like the rewards for Season 1? What about the tokens for the Competitive Field Pass Season 1? Is it fair? Let me know in the comment section what you guys think about it.

Madden 24 is available to play now on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

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