Madden is one of the more notable and most frustrating video games that gets released every year. I always get excited about predicting who will be on the cover of the Madden games every season. Every year when June hits, I make a prediction on who will be going on the cover, and it’s time to start thinking about Madden 24. I do it differently as I normally give a Top 5 Prediction and I decided this year to write an article on it.

5. WR Justin Jefferson (Minnesota Vikings)

Of all the wide receivers that played last season, the one that shined and impressed the most is Justin Jefferson. He was fantastic, leading the league in multiple categories. Jefferson statistically had 128 receptions for 1,809 yards and eight touchdowns. Jefferson even got the offensive player of the year award, which is well deserved. He legit made one of the most incredible catches I have ever seen when the Vikings played the Bills in Week 10. It was fantastic – watch it below.

Justin Jefferson is one of the rising stars in the NFL and it would be a missed opportunity not having him on a cover on a Madden. All I got to say is, What was Howie Roseman (GM of the Philadelphia Eagles) thinking when he selected Jalen Reagor over Justin Jefferson in the 2020 NFL Draft?

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4. QB Josh Allen (Buffalo Bills)

I may be a fan of the New York Jets, but I can’t deny that Josh Allen is the best QB in the AFC East. He is the best QB that this franchise has had since Jim Kelly. It took time, but Allen has developed into a franchise QB, and he has helped the Bills succeed in one of the Top Teams in the NFL. They are still a Super Bowl contender, and I can see Madden trying to latch onto the Bills. Why not go with their franchise QB in Josh Allen? It would make sense.

3. LB Micah Parsons (Dallas Cowboys)

Every time I make a prediction, I always have to include a defensive player as I still believe they should be on the cover. Heck, the last defensive player that was on the cover was Richard Sherman when he was a Seattle Seahawk. I debated DE/EDGE Nick Bosa on the San Francisco 49ers at this spot as he was the defensive player of the year last season, but I think Micah Parsons is the better fit on the cover as a Cowboy. Remember, Parsons is on “America’s Team,” and I think it would make sense to have a rising defensive star who won the defensive rookie player of the year in 2021.

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Also, it is important to note that Parsons is a very big Madden fan. He would absolutely accept being on the cover as I absolutely believe that him being on the cover is a dream for him.

2. QB Aaron Rodgers (New York Jets)

Many people will tell me that this is too high for Rodgers and that he should not be on the cover. Here is the thing, it’s my list, and I get to do what I want with it. I am a New York Jets fan, and I have to have one player on my prediction for the upcoming Madden Cover. There is also a possibility that this will happen as well. New York is a big market, and Aaron Rodgers is a star QB going to the market.

This would also be a great throwback to when Brett Farve was on the cover in Madden 09. Wouldn’t it be quite a coincidence that the same thing happens with Rodgers as the quarterback? It would be a great cash grab for EA, and we all know how much EA loves that; now the main focus is whether Rodgers would accept this if he were offered the cover.

1. QB Jalen Hurts (Philadelphia Eagles)

Madden 24 Jalen Hurts

One of the most obvious choices to make. I am going to be honest, if it was me making the choice, Jalen Hurts is my pick to represent the cover of Madden 24. Why? Well for three main reasons. First he is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL today, who just got paid the big bucks in Philadelphia. Second he just appeared in a Superbowl, so almost every football fan casual or hardcore fan id going to know him. Finally, Hurts is pretty much the face of the NFC and if there is a year to have him on the cover, this is the best year to do it.

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So, that is my prediction for the Top 5 players that would be on the Madden 24 cover. Do you agree with me? If not, what is your Top 5 prediction list? Let me know in the comment section regarding who your pick is and even give me your Top 5 list.

Madden 24 will be available later this year on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

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