How was your week? Pleasant, I hope. Your past year? Could be better. Or worse. What about the years before, your whole life? The culmination of all your previous existence? What goes on when you’re all alone with your thoughts? All the places, the people, and the consequences of your actions… Hopefully, it’s better than the protagonist in Layers of Fear 3. A lot better.

You play as a painter reckoning with his past as he delves into his broken psyche. The story unfolds through macabre and morbidly beautiful set pieces. Layers of Fear doesn’t rely on jumpscares, but through psychological tension. Step into an array of visual horror styles across the trilogy: grainy silent film era, classic gothic manor, baby doll creepiness, and more.

Layers Upon Layers

The final release of Layers of Fear (2023) includes the entire trilogy and DLC with improved graphics in Unreal Engine 5. This technology dramatically enhances past details. Previously suspicious mounds are now rendered as piles of individual fruits. Better lighting improves the contrast between the everyday and surreal. The clarity and refined tone truly flesh out the series’ eerie atmosphere.

However, there are points to be made against it. Because of its fragmented story, a lot of narrative is disjointed or plain unclear. Layers of Fear is essentially a walking simulator with light puzzles. Don’t expect anything mechanically intensive, but that may be what you’re looking for. I also find the horror not terror-inducing, but that’s just a subjective viewpoint.

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Should You Get It?

Layers of Fear Baby Doll

The price, inclusion of all previous games, and the upgraded look are a good deal. The game’s story and theming may not be its main selling point. Can you endure this traumatized artist’s demons? How does your life compare to his? Is it better, or worse? If you’re looking for a creepy, visually visceral experience, Layers of Fear is the game for you.

Layers of Fear (2023) is available now on Mac, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X.

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