On March 17, GameSpot released an 11-minute trailer of Layers of Fear, a psychological horror film centered around the broken mind of The Painter who slowly went insane during the Victorian era. You are The Painter’s daughter and there are answers to discover. What exactly was it that caused her father to spiral into madness? Will she be able to face these answers while staying sane?

Developed by Bloober Team with the help of Anshar Studios, Layers of Fear is a remake of the original rendition that came out in 2016, heavily focusing on the emotional and haunting aspects introduced 7 years prior.

In the trailer, the atmosphere right off the bat is already unsettling. The isolated and dank location adds to the uncomfortable setting, imagining shadows lingering in the dark corners of the room, wondering if what you are indeed seeing is really real. Questioning your own mind when there’s nothing there.

Lots of dark areas to explore in Layers of Fear. But nothing to worry about in the shadows... right?

Source: Layers of Fear

From what has been revealed in the short clip, the game doesn’t seem to focus on physical combat. More like items the protagonist can find at her disposal to defend herself, making the likelihood of encountering horrifying creatures even more terrifying. It looks to be a great addition to the franchise, upholding the feeling of the original while making it relatable to the modern era.

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Source: Gamespot

Layers of Fear will release in June of 2023 and be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.


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