Late Night With the Devil is Shudder’s new horror flick that has a limited release in theatres. It stars David Dastmalchain (Ant-Man & The Wasp/ Quantimania, The Suicide Squad) in the lead role as Jack Delroy. A 70’s late show host who is willing to do anything to get his rating back up. Even as far as communicating with the devil on Halloween night.

You get to see many positives that went into this creative journey while seeing some of the flaws of choices that have been made. Late Night With the Devil brings you on this slow fire of a Journey that makes you leave the theatre left jaw dropped. Here’s my review of Late Night With the Devil.

The Bad

To start with the negatives of the film. The introduction to the movie where the narrator is giving some information about Jack Delroy’s backstory could’ve been more fleshed out just a tad bit. I would’ve loved to see on how Jack got into the late show and his inspiration. But this is just a nitpick.

The main conversation of this topic is of recent light that three transition slides for the show have been generated by AI. This is a conversation on wether to support a small indie production studio or not. It’s one big discussion for studios big as Warner Bros. Discovery or Disney to indie studios like ICF Films to use AI for movies big and small.

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In an interview with Variety, Co-Directors Cameron and Colin Cairnes responded to the recent controversy. They said “… we experimented with AI for three still images which we edited further and ultimately appear as very brief interstitials in the film.”

Dalsmalchain commented on the controversy with Kevin McCarthy and said that “it’s an important conversation. We gotta have it.”

The main questions are where does it stop? Where do we draw the line using AI in films?

The Good

Moving to the positives of the film. Let’s start off with Dastmalchain character. He was phenomnial as the lead of the role. I really do hope he signs on to star in more leading roles either in big movies or indie movies. His portrayal is a late night show host really sells. Trying to beat Johnny Carson and trying to be the best. His characters ignores the risk and is eager to get his viewer ship up for the studio and ratings. When stuff goes down, he really sells what the film does between the Behind the Scenes and “Live” segments.

The supporting cast really shines and really do their part really well. You have the overly confident douche producer, the guest speaker who talks to spirits, the 2nd overtly confident guest speaker who doesnt believe in the devil, the guest who does research about spirits and cults and the comedic co-host who tries to talk some sense into the host. Each one of their part makes it believe that you’re truly watching a late show.

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The one that stood out the most was Ingrid Torelli. Every time she’s on screen, looking into the camera, she just gives an eerie atmosphere and an uncomfortable feeling that something is off. Her performance in this movie was really outstanding.

Filmography and Editing

In terms on how the film was being showed was really great. The movie goes back and forth between commercial breaks that show in a 16:9 aspect ratio in black and white then when the show comes back to being on live, it switches to a 4:3 aspect ratio just like the TV’s back in the late 70’s which just fits so perfectly.

When stuff does go down during the last act of the movie, the editing goes crazy and showcase many of the talented indie artist that worked on this film makes you forget that this is a low-budget indie film.


If you grew up watching late shows or understand the concept of it, then this movie is worth a watch. If you are unfamiliar with the late show style content, this movie probably won’t be enjoyable as much, but get a preface of that kind of show before watching this. They reference 70’s pop culture which is a definite nice touch and understood the job correctly. The acting in this film has been really great. The story is original in the sense that having a horror movie as an episode on a late show was really creative. It’s like you’re watching a long episode of a late show.

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But if you can get passed the AI generated art, you can really enjoy this movie to the T. But having someone’s creative talent go to waste with AI is really unfair to the many potential artist that could’ve joined the team to create a still image.

Late Night with the Devil doing a limited run in theaters. Catch it there with your local listings. If no theatre is playing this movie, it will be on Shudder on April 19th. To keep up with more movies, tune in with Strangely Awesome Games.

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Great Filmography
Great Editing
Great Actors/Actresses
Original Story
Long Introduction
AI art

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