Nobody likes a half-baked redemption arc, lazily written and thrown in at the last second, but that’s what happened to Adam Driver’s character, Kylo Ren. It doesn’t help that each movie had a different director with a different vision for the characters. Naturally, this led to a mish-mash of character arcs like pitches thrown around in a writer’s room.

So, that draws the question of what was the original plotline J.J. Abrams had for these characters? More specifically, the initial villain, Kylo Ren. Recently, Driver came forward and announced that his initial arc was supposed to be vastly different than how it turned out. 

Adam Driver’s Different Point of View of Kylo Ren

At the start of The Force Awakens, Driver said that his (Kylo Ren’s) arc would be the opposite of Darth Vader’s. “We wanted to start at the opposite where this character was the most confused and vulnerable and by the end of the three movies would be the most committed to the dark side.” Driver said all this in an interview with Rich Eisen in a promo for the movie Ferrari

He also stated that although the directors and the visions for the series changed over time, he still “tried to keep that arc in mind, regardless if that would end up not being the journey.” He wanted his character to not be redeemed. Rather, Kylo Ren should have became a fully-fledged villain of the dark side. He wished that his character’s journey had followed Abrams’ original design for who the characters would become. 

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Many fans agree that the faulty and rushed character arcs were the main downfall of the series. A more consistent arc with a singular director for all three movies could’ve changed fans’ reactions to the trilogy. So, to its credit, it’s difficult to mesh the creative visions of three people who all want something different from each character. 

That being said, it’s also difficult not to think about what we could have had if J.J. Abrams had directed all three movies with his original vision. To have Kylo Ren be one of the most sinister villains of the Star Wars universe. Not only that, but it’s interesting to imagine what the other characters of the sequels would have ended up like under the direction of Abrams if he’d stayed on for all three movies. 

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