The Kingdom Hearts franchise is a very convoluted story. Finding a place to play it can be confusing especially when you would need a PlayStation 2, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS and PSP back in the day. But now, you can experience the entirety on PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Each console is a great place to play it. Except the Nintendo Switch.

The Announcement

During the announcement of Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s final character reveal, Masahiro Sakurai, announced that the Kingdom Hearts franchise would be coming to Nintendo Switch. This got the whole community excited. However, a few seconds later, he would say that this would be a “Cloud Version”.

What this brought was a roller coaster of hype and disappointment. After the stream, many fans took their dissatisfaction of the Switch port on X(formerly known as Twitter). Many claiming that these games are PS2 games running on hardware that CAN run PS3 games. There’s many more dissatisfaction towards Square Enix not porting the game that CAN run on the hardware.

What’s Cloud Based Gaming?

Cloud based gaming is fairly recent. Pretty much, with an internet connection, you can stream the games to your console and PC. All you need is a strong internet connection to play and enjoy. However, there’s a strong downside to this. Not everyone has a strong internet connection to stream a whole game.

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On the Nintendo Switch, the first game to test this out was Capcom’s Resident Evil 7. The game would stream from a server to the console. They offered a 10 minute demo just to get a feel of the game. From those 10 minutes, many players would notice that if your internet is weak, the quality will decrease in resolution. There would be many input lag/delay.

Many players would later realize that this isn’t the optimal way to play these games as the main problem is that they are charging full price for these games.

Image: Samsung


With the Kingdom Hearts franchise being announced as “cloud version”, many fans were really upset about this. The fact that Square Enix is charging full price of these games is really outrageous/greedy. You can get the whole collection (including Kingdom Hearts 3) for less than $50 physical for PS4.

Lots of users mentioned that these are PS2/DS games. Something the Switch something is more powerful than these two previous generation consoles. To burn more fire, many X users would mention that Nier Automata would be ported to Switch, a PS4 game that can run on Switch developed by Square Enix. Also Final Fantasy X/X-2 two PS2 games were ported on Switch.

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The only game Kingdom Hearts game that you can physically get is Melody of Memory, a smaller game, but still uses assets from PS2/PS3 models of KH games.

This raises a question of either Square didn’t want to port it to the Switch or they were just lazy.


My Opinion?

As I mentioned before, you can purchase all these games physically for about $50 or less. The fact that Square Enix is offering full price for the individual games ($39.99-$49.9 or $89.99 for the Integrum Masterpiece) for cloud based games that run terrible if you don’t have a strong internet connection isn’t the ideal way to enjoy these games.

My advice, just buy it on any other console. At this point, I’d rather pay the full prices on the Epic Game Store on PC that natively run compared to cloud based gaming.

It’s very much understandable that Kingdom Hearts 3 can’t be ported as it uses Unreal Engine 4 and is such a bigger game that the Switch can’t handle. But porting games that used the run on PS2 hardware is just embarrassing and show’s how Square Enix is lazy. I totally understand that they want to shift their focus on Kingdom Hearts 4, but having the optimal way to play this on the go would set easy with the fans.

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