2023 has been host to many, many anticipated games for a number of consoles. Among them are the recent remake of Dead Space, Jedi Survivor, Hogwarts Legacy, and many more. One of the most recent and most anticipated titles is Kerbal Space Program 2, which has been long-awaited by fans.

Considering the original Kerbal Space Program is a simulation game so accurate that it is purportedly used by actual NASA engineers and astronauts, both for fun and to test rocket designs (before they put these designs into their own much more advanced software, of course), it’s no wonder the game is so popular.

Launch Turbulance?

Kerbal Space Program 2

Image Credit: Take-Two Interactive Software

However, Kerbal Space Program 2‘s release has been less like Apollo 12 and more like Apollo 13. Beyond the innumerable bugs, users are reporting that even with high-end computers and graphics cards, the game’s performance is iffy at best.

Kerbal Space Program 2 is in Early Access, meaning players knew it would be in a relatively unfinished state, but many have pointed out that the game’s predecessor had a much more polished feel to it in its own Early Access launch. We can only assume that this is due to the problem many dev teams face these days, being under pressure by both their fans and their investors to release their game without delay, resulting in rushed development (as we all shudder to remember the early days of Cyberpunk 2077… ugh).

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But even Apollo 12 wasn’t without its problems, being struck by lightning twice while on the ascent through the atmosphere on the way to the moon, and conversely, even Apollo 13’s crew did make it back to Earth safely. We just have to trust the devs will get the game to a better state.

Kerbal Space Program 2 Early Access is available for PC (Steam, Epic Games, and Direct Download)

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