A group of superheroes join together and form the Justice League when they win a battle against evil aliens. From thereon, the league is determined to defend earth at any cost and defeat invaders, even sacrificing their lives at times. The Justice League ran from 2001-2004 and features two seasons with 26 episodes each about crime fighting, extraterrestrial villains and total world domination.

This guide summarizes each episode and gives you a glimpse of the plot beforehand. Use the guide to determine where you might want to start as some episodes are more exciting than others! Let us know which season or episode was your favorite!

S1.E1 Secret Origins

Aliens begin escaping from Mars to invade earth and wreak havoc on the population. Batman and Superman team up to defend their earth and destroy the invaders.

S1.E2 Secret Origins: Part II

Aliens plan to attack and invade earth once again. This time, the leaguers must step up to battle the evil cosmic forces before they block out the sun.

S1.E3 Secret Origins: Part III

The heroes are captured by aliens just as Imperium arrives. When the win the battle, they finally form the Justice League.

S1.E4 In Blackest Night

Green Lantern is facing Genocide charges and attends an intergalactic trial. The leaguers must rush to save him before he faces his sentence.

S1.E5 In Blackest Night: Part II

The league investigates the charges brought against the Green Lantern and find some clues as to who could be behind the sinister plans. When they discover an important clue, things take a drastic turn.

S1.E6 ∙ The Enemy Below

Aquaman is furious when the league enters the ocean to rescue a submarine. His view of surface dwellers stays negative during an assassination attempt by deadshot.

S1.E7 ∙ The Enemy Below: Part II

The team helps Aquaman stop an underwater coup but are instead captured by his half brother Orm. Aquaman loses his hand when he struggles to free himself but is able to save his life as well as his sons.

S1.E8 ∙ Paradise Lost

Wonder woman is faced with a dilemma when returning to Paradise island and witnessing what has happened to her amazon sisters. all the Amazons are turned to stone and Sorcerer Felix Faust demands three mystical artifacts to undue the spell.

S1.E9 ∙ Paradise Lost: Part II

Wonder woman struggles to free the Amazons as the league teams up to help them. Meanwhile, Faust is trying to free hades and open a portal to Tartarus.

S1.E10 ∙ War World

Superman and J’onn J’onzz are banished to Warworld when attempting to get rid of an asteroid in space. Combatants must fight to the death on this planet and the strongest man wins.

S1.E11 ∙ War World: Part II

The fighter Mongol asks Superman to fight him otherwise he’ll destroy the home planet of Draaga. Superman fights him to exhaustion, leading Mongol to believe he will have victory.

S1.E12 ∙ The Brave and the Bold

Gorilla Grodd wants to destroy Gorilla City with a mind control device. He entrusts Flash to battle against the Green Lantern and beat the Justice League.

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S1.E13 ∙ The Brave and the Bold: Part II

Grodd rules Central City and plans to attack Gorilla City with missiles. However, his plans are soon thwarted by Flash and the league as they join together to stop him.

S1.E14 ∙ Fury

An Amazon wishes to kill all men in the world, prompting the Justice League to go into battle. Aresia goes rogue and recruits a gang of women to wipe out men.

S1.E15 ∙ Fury: Part II

Aresia’s bio-weapon causes all the male heroes to suffer just as she hoped. The female justice leaguers attempt to take action before she contaminates the entire planet.

S1.E16 ∙ Legends

The leaguers are thrown into another dimension and discover the Justice Guild. Originally Green Lantern’s Childhood comic book heroes, the Justice Guild are the counterparts to the Justice League.

S1.E17 ∙ Legends: Part II

Stuck in the alternate dimension and facing a dark secret, the justice league wage war against the Injustice Guild.

S1.E18 ∙ Injustice for All

Arrested and Terminally ill, Lex Luther discovers that he has Kryptonite poisoning and points the blame at Superman. He manages to escape prison and assembles a team of supervillains to destroy Superman and the Justice League.

S1.E19 ∙ Injustice for All: Part II

Luther’s super villain team fights the Justice League. Batman is able to overthrow them once he exposes their greed.

S1.E20 ∙ A Knight of Shadows

The League teams up with Etrigan the Demon to stop Morgan Le Fey from finding the Sorcerer’s Stone. The legendary stone would giver her the power to rule earth.

S1.E21 ∙ A Knight of Shadows: Part II

The Justice league is running out of time as they team up to stop Le Fey from obtaining the Sorcerer’s Stone. Le Fey wants to use it to take England back to Medieval Times.

S1.E22 ∙ Metamorphosis

Green Lantern meets up with old friend Rex Mason, an ex-marine who has a successful career as an executive at a chemical company. When he’s turned into a shape-shifter by his envious employer, he is led to believe it’s all Green Lanterns fault.

S1.E23 ∙ Metamorphosis: Part II

Things started to calm down between the two friends Green Lantern and Mason when the truth is revealed. Mason/Metamorpho believes the league will help him and together they run towards the newly transformed Stagg before he kills his loved ones.

S1.E24 ∙ The Savage Time

The Justice League find themselves thrown in the middle of World War II where immortal Vandal Savage uses advanced technology to change history. They team up with Sgt. Rock and The Blackhawks to go back in time and stop him from altering history.

S1.E25 ∙ The Savage Time: Part II

The leaguers face Vandal Savage in World War ll who is using technology to set the stage for his rule in the future. As they face off with the evil dictator, they fight with everything they have to prevent the destructive alteration of history.

S1.E26 ∙ The Savage Time: Part III

The Justice League races to prevent Savage from invading the US with warplanes and ruining the course of history. They come close to losing to operation endgame.

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S2.E1∙ Twilight

Darkseid joins forces with the Justice League to battle Brainiac and save his planet of Apokolips. However, Superman still distrusts Darkseid, his old nemesis and hesitantly agrees.

S2.E2 ∙ Twilight: Part II

Superman is trapped in Brainiacs headquarters when he discovers that Darkseid and Brainiac have made a deal.

S2.E3∙ Tabula Rasa

Lex Luther uses an advanced android to attack the Justice League. The android has the ability to imitate superpowers and is manipulated by Lex.

S2.E4 ∙ Tabula Rasa: Part II

Android Amazo has absorbed most of the League’s powers, but begins to question Luthor’s intentions. Meanwhile Batman discovers that superman has been acting crazy due to Kryptonite.

S2.E5 ∙ Only a Dream

Kevin Conroy in Justice League (2001)

The Justice Leaguers are trapped in a dream where their world is controlled by Dr. Destiny, the supervillain. Together they confront their own darkest fears until they can overcome them and escape.

S2.E6 ∙ Only a Dream: Part II

Kevin Conroy in Justice League (2001)

Dr. Destinys nightmarish dream world overtakes the leaguers. Batman and Martian Manhunter have to destroy him and save the Justice League from illusive entrapment.

S2.E7 ∙ Maid of Honor

Susan Eisenberg in Justice League (2001)

Diana befriends a Kasnian princess but soon discovers that she is engaged to Vandal Savage, the immortal supervillain. She finds herself immersed in betrayal all masterminded by Savage.

S2.E8 ∙ Maid of Honor: Part II

Dennis Haysbert in Justice League (2001)

Wonder woman is put through deadly challenges by Vandal after she rejects his proposal to marry him. The Justice league fights Vandal Savage’s plan to intimidate and blackmail nations.

S2.E9 ∙ Hearts and Minds

Maria Canals-Barrera, Dennis Haysbert, Phil LaMarr, and Carl Lumbly in Justice League (2001)

The Green Lantern travels to the edge of the galaxy to investigate his mentor Katama’s fall in battle. There he tries to rescue his old girlfriend Katma from the clutches of Despero.

S2.E10 ∙ Hearts and Minds: Part ll

The Green Lantern and Katma face the fanatic cult villain Despero who plans to conquer the galaxy. They are joined by Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl and the Flash.

Carl Lumbly in Justice League (2001)

S2.E11 ∙ A Better World

In an alternate dimension there lies a parallel world who resemble the Justice League and are known as the Justice lords. They plot to take over their world as the league readies for battle.

Michael Rosenbaum in Justice League (2001)

S2.E12 ∙ A Better World: Part II

Now that the Justice Lords have defeated the League, they begin to enact new laws. Superman decides to take matters into his own hands and get rid of all crime in the world.

Susan Eisenberg in Justice League (2001)

S2.E13 ∙ Eclipsed

An ancient hidden temple is unearthed in the middle east and releases a vengeful spirit on one of the peacekeeping soldiers who found it. The spirit controls others and threatens to destroy all mankind, prompting the leaguers to come to the rescue.

Susan Eisenberg in Justice League (2001)

S2.E14 ∙ Eclipsed: Part II

The flash must do everything in his power to stop the entities who have possessed the Justice League and plan on erasing mankind. The spirits powers are immense and almost too powerful for even the superhero team.

Mark Hamill and Scott Rummell in Justice League (2001)

S2.E15 ∙ The Terror Beyond

Aquaman steals Solomon Grundy after his capture by the military. The Justice League seeks out answers from Dr. Fate about why Aquaman is getting involved.

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Justice League (2001)

S2.E16 ∙ The Terror Beyond: Part II

Carl Lumbly in Justice League (2001)

Grundy was a part of Fate’s and Aquamans planned sacrifice in order to block the return of a villain. When the being arrives, Aquaman leaves to go defend Atlantis while Hawkgirl discovers that the being had already visited her home planet.

S2.E17 ∙ Secret Society

Maria Canals-Barrera and Phil LaMarr in Justice League (2001)

The Justice League experiences internal strife within their team when they begin to realize they work together too closely. While the team is distracted by their dilemma, Gorilla Grodd organizes a team of villains who plan on destroying them.

S2.E18 ∙ Secret Society: Part II

The Justice League has been demobilized and the super villains of the secret society are now after it’s former members. The super villains have access to advanced technology which allows them to wreak havoc on the world unless the leaguers can stop them.

S2.E19 ∙ Hereafter

George Newbern in Justice League (2001)

Superman battles the Revenge Squad and falls in battle. The Justice League and the rest of the planet grieve his loss and must learn how to live in a world without Superman.

S2.E20 ∙ Hereafter: Part II

Mark Hamill and Hynden Walch in Justice League (2001)

Superman transports into an alternate reality, the future. He no longer has his powers and has to find a way back to present time as Lobo replaces him.

S2.E21 ∙ Wild Cards

Mark Hamill in Justice League (2001)

The Joker and his Royal Flush Gang inflict their reign of terror on the the city of Las Vegas. The villains plant bombs all over the city, pitting the leaguers against the clock to race and disarm all of the explosives.

S2.E22 ∙ Wild Cards: Part II

The Joker releases Ace to battle the Justice League, leading the leaguers to discover his real plan which involves the spread of a virus. The team soon discover all the jokers henchmen are controlled by microchips and race to find the transmitter that controls all the chips.

S2.E23 ∙ Comfort and Joy

Maria Canals-Barrera in Justice League (2001)

The Justice League celebrates Christmas after returning from a mission. Superman decides to invite J’onn to celebrate the holidays with him in Smallville.

S2.E24 ∙ Starcrossed

Maria Canals-Barrera in Justice League (2001)

The Thanagarians arrive to defend planet earth from alien invaders. the Justice League prepare to help the Thanagarians but soon realize they have their own agenda.

S2.E25 ∙ Starcrossed: Part II

Hawkgirl’s people, the Thanagarians are now in control of Earth as the justice league scrambles to cope with their members betrayal. Hawkgirl is conflicted with between the choices she’s made as the leaguers battle her people from conquest and total rule.

S2.E26 ∙ Starcrossed: Part III

Kevin Conroy, Susan Eisenberg, Phil LaMarr, Carl Lumbly, George Newbern, and Michael Rosenbaum in Justice League (2001)

The Justice League teams up to battle the Thanagarians who plan on activating the hyperspace gate which will ultimately destroy Earth. Conflicts soon arise and begins to tear apart at the team as they struggle with interpersonal relationships between members.

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