One of the challenges that many live service games, like MLB The Show, face is sustaining a consistently active playerbase throughout the game’s shelf life. San Diego Studios, who has developed the highly popular baseball sim since 2006, took an interesting and somewhat controversial swing at that very hurdle in last year’s game, in the form of Sets and Seasons in Diamond Dynasty mode. This was a fairly drastic change to the mode which had more or less a similar structure for multiple years running, by essentially forgoing a power creep in favor of cards/players which could only be used for a finite amount of time.

Sets and Seasons: Explained

In time increments ranging from a few weeks to multiple months, new “Sets” of cards would be released over time, each with their own corresponding “Season”, which had their own respective variety of themes and other unique characteristics, like a specific card art or real-life event (All-Star Cards). On paper, this seemed like a neat and fresh way to keep players engaged, but the caveat of having cards tethered to their specific Season meant that most useable and meta-friendly cards were time limited.

Sets and Seasons were certainly one of the more divisive changes SDS made to Diamond Dynasty, and much of the playerbase has been clamoring to a return to the old system of cards being useable all year long in MLB The Show 24, while others welcomed the change and embraced SDS’s intended effect of using completely new cards every game cycle. MLB The Show 23 could be considered as a sort of guinea pig game to test out and tweak the newly introduced content system, and also as a chance to potentially gaugue players’ reactions to a significant overhaul to a largely popular mode.

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What’s In Store This Year?

Bryce Harper Home Run MLB The Show Kaiju Showdown

While it still remains to be seen whether SDS will stick to its guns and keep the Sets and Seasons as is, tweak it from last year, or remove it entirely, it is likely that it is going away completely for good. It would be quite unusal for a developer to discard a large-scale change after just one game in the series. That being said, a large portion of MLB The Show players would welcome the return of a power creep in Diamond Dynasty, where players will begin the year with teams mostly comprised of medium to high-level cards, an acquiring elite-level cards over the course of the MLB season and beyond, instead of starting with those elite-level cards from the get-go, but with the possibility of potential favorites being time limited.

What do you think? Should Sony San Diego keep the same system for MLB The Show 24? Should they use an altered version? Or should they get rid of it entirely? Let us know what you want for this year’s game in the comments.

MLB The Show 24 releases March 19th on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox Game Pass.

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