PlayStation’s new State of Play has come and gone. While it did focus heavily on indie game titles for the Sony console, Insomniac Games made an appearance for a few minutes showcasing the world of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, narrated by Creative Director Bryan Intihar.

It’s a Big, Big World

From exploring two New York boroughs, Queens and Brooklyn; to gliding through the cities by combining the new web wings with the classic web shooters; and being able to choose from over 65 outfits from throughout Spider-Man’s comics and on-screen history — one thing is for certain: we’ll have a lot of stuff to do in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 when it arrives on October 20th. Although, the thing that struck me the most in this showcase was the reveal of something more mysterious.

Surprise Villain in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Briefly passing by in the showcase is the insignia shown above. In the concurrent narration, Creative Director Bryan Intihar calls it, “a mysterious symbol projected into the sky,” then follows up with a new look at a potential villain. The character is shown extending an arm out to one of our Spider-Men, which looks to be Miles Morales; though it’s kind of hard to tell, as we only can see the person’s ear and some of the hair.

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While it is unknown exactly how many villains we will see in this game, it has been confirmed that we’ll see Venom, Kraven, The Lizard, The Prowler, Wraith, and Taskmaster. However, in the showcase, Intihar states that we can expect to see “others”, and it “will lead to a climactic showdown between Marvel villains, not yet shown in this universe.”

Plus, there is a tinge of purple behind the insignia in the sky. All of which leads me to believe that our potential mystery villain is the ole Fish Bowl making his appearance — the master of mystery himself, Mysterio.

Who is Quentin Beck, alias Mysterio?

Quentin Beck, also known as Mysterio, is a supervillain created by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee in 1964; he debuted in The Amazing Spider-Man #13. Beck is a special effects master and stuntman who works for a major Hollywood studio with the dream of making a name for himself. After realizing he’s not a good actor, he quickly succumbs to villainy when he realizes his mastery of special effects will make him a really effective criminal.

Mysterio is a character known for his theatrics, bright green colors, and the purple-and-green costume depicted in the image above. Additionally, if you look closely at the map below, shown in the State of Play showcase, you can see a little green icon of an eye just to the right of the center. If you look closely at Mysterio’s costume in the comics — such as in the image above — he usually always has eyes on his costume, typically at the clasps where his cape connects to the torso area.

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The color scheme, eye-like design, and SFX theatricality of the “mysterious symbol” match Mysterio’s M.O.

Mysterio in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

If this isn’t Mysterio, I would honestly be surprised. That’s who my money is on.

I’d love to see him in the game, as he is one of my favorite Spider-Man villains. Jake Gyllenhaal portrayed him wonderfully in Spider-Man: Far From Home, and it’s a shame the role didn’t last long. Although, I do wish there had been more to him in the movie than just being a wronged Stark employee. Perhaps Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will deliver.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is out on PS5 on October 20th, 2023.


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    Kyle you’re such a genius for catching this i never would’ve

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      I hope I am correct and will be very excited if I am, lol.

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