In late 2021, I and millions of others were thrilled to see the announcement trailer for Star Wars Eclipse, an upcoming open-world RPG that takes place in the High Republic era, the golden age of the Jedi. What a tease this trailer was, revealing so little and promising so much.

As exciting a game as Eclipse could be, almost three years have passed since any other material has surfaced, so what’s happening? Is a jacked-up version of Knights of the Old Republic too good to be true? Here are some clues that caught our eyes.

Beyond the Announcement Trailer

Star Wars Eclipse Announcement Trailer

While the ominous announcement trailer doesn’t say much, giving the internet a good squeeze reveals a little more information. According to the description for the trailer on YouTube, Eclipse is “…now early in development…” 

Not only would a sprawling open-world game in the Star Wars universe likely take a lot of time to build, but Quantic Dream announced the game shortly after beginning development. Who does that?

Also, unlike other AAA companies, Quantic Dream’s portfolio consists of deeply cinematic, complex games, including Detroit: Become Human, Beyond Two Souls, and Heavy Rain. This company hasn’t sunk to the level of yearly releases and 40-dollar cosmetics.

More generally, the COVID-19 pandemic has postponed many hotly anticipated releases. For example, as long as many gamers have waited for Star Wars Eclipse, Team Cherry hasn’t announced anything about Hollow Knight: Silk Song since early 2019 – five years ago. This age of remote work as well as the resulting state of the economy could be slowing development further.

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The Light at the End of the Tunnel For Star Wars Eclipse

If Quantic Dream’s track record is any indication, we’ll play Star Wars Eclipse someday, even if we don’t know when. The way I see it: Quantic Dream’s hiatus gives us plenty of time to enjoy Star Wars Outlaws, which hits the market in less than three months. 

Also, there are plenty of exciting upcoming games that have nothing to do with Star Wars, including Doom: The Dark Ages and Titan Quest 2. My Steam wishlist is 20 games long.

Stay excited. Just note that if we want Star Wars Eclipse to be the Star Wars game of our dreams, we need to give it time.

With any luck, Quantic Dream or Lucasfilm Games will announce the release date of Star Wars Eclipse sometime soon.

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