In the beginning there was nothing, and then the show began. Hazbin Hotel has been rising on the radars of social media since its release on Amazon Prime in the beginning of 2024. The show creator Vivienne Medrano originally piloted on YouTube under her animator YouTube user, Vivziepop. The show follow’s Charlie Morningstar, Lucifer’s daughter and princess of Hell, as she runs a hotel aimed for rehabilitating sinners within the pride ring of Hell. Due to an overpopulation in Hell and Heaven’s fear of a demonic uprising, angels come down once a year to exterminate as many sinners as they can within a days time before returning to the clouds and the count down begins again.

Hazbin Hotel is by no means an accurate animated rendition of the Christian Bible. Instead, the show is complete satire aimed to poke fun at organized religions. It has gotten a lot of media attention. Many Christian followers are unhappy with the show’s retelling of Lucifer’s origin story and believe the show to be satanic. Fox New’s has even gone on to label it the “Anti-Christ” on a live broadcast soon after the shows release. The show’s first episode begins with all of creation and how Lucifer became the king of Hell.

In this article you will see both quotes taken from Medrano’s animated series as well as direct verses from the Common English Bible (CEB) translation, as it uses modern language that can be read by most American-English readers. Readers can read along to versus, chapter or book via YouVersion.

The Parallels of Lucifer’s Origin Story

Hazbin Hotel Lucifer in heaven
Hazbin Hotel Episode 1: Overture (2024) – Prime Video Youtube screenshot

We hear Lucifer’s background in the opening scenes of episode 1: Overture (2024). If you are unfamiliar with the opening you can watch the opening here on Vivziepop’s channel.

First viewers are shown a brief overview of how Heaven looks and who inhabits it. Heaven is shown as a glowing city protected by golden gates, directly mimicking the Bible’s depiction of Heaven, “each one of the gates was made from a single pearl. And the city’s main street was pure gold, as transparent as glass (Revelations 21:21 CEB). Angels are described in the show as “beings of pure light,” but shown as these winged humanoids with many eyes. Lucifer is one of those angels in both the show and in most biblical translations. He is considered to be a seraphim or a cherub. In Hazbin Hotel, seraphims are above cherubim in the hierarchy. It is safe to assume Lucifer is a fallen seraphim in the series.

“You, a winged creature, were installed as a guardian. I placed you in God’s holy mountain where you walked among the stones of fire. From the day you were created until injustice was found in you, your ways were assured” (Ezekiel 28:14-15 CEB). Lucifer is commonly known to be one of God’s favorites, though people may argue He doesn’t play favorites as favoritism is a sin stated in the Book of James. The devil is described in Ezekiel as being a beautiful angel made up of many beautiful gems, jewels and musical instruments. He was a powerful angel and leader until his ambitions were too high, similarly shown in Hazbin Hotel‘s opening. Lucifer is seen as a troublemaker, making the other angels of the high council nervous from his disorderly and possibly dangerous views for creation. Due to this, he was kept away from the process of Earth’s creation. In the christian bible, there is no mention of the angels’ aid in this process, so we do not know if they were there or not.

“The Great Fall”

Hazbin Hotel Eve and the apple
Eve accepting the apple in Hazbin Hotel Episode one: Overture (2024) – Prime Video screenshot

An inconsistency between the two is how and when Lucifer fell from heaven. In the show he and his love are cast down due to giving Eve the fruit of knowledge, depicted as an apple. Through Eve’s acceptance, evil and sin came into men. In the show, this action was the angels’ last straw, “as punishment for this act, the angels cast Lucifer and his love into the dark pit he had created” (Episode 1: Overture). These actions are also present in the christian bible’s Book of Genesis, the events are not in that specific order and there is no mention of Lilith. Lilith is not mentioned in any Bible translations and while reading about The Garden of Eden, the devil is not directly mentioned either.

In Genesis 3 the one who is commonly referred to as the devil tempting Eve is a snake. Genesis 3:13-15 Eve reveals the snake tricked her into eating the apple and all physical, living and future created snakes are disciplined for this act, “The LORD God said to the snake, ‘Because you did this, you are the one cursed out of all the farm animals, out of all the wild animals. On your belly you will crawl, and dust you will eat every day of your life'” (Genesis 3:14 CEB). Though this is seen to be the devil, he is not directly mentioned in the CEB, Kings James Version or the New King James Version. The old serpent, a dragon, is revealed to be Satan in Revelations 12:9. Though it is not certain if these are the same snakes, it would mean that Lucifer not only helped bring sin into mankind, create a divide between all of creation and God himself, but also cursed all snakes to suffer along with it all.

As punishment for this act, the angels cast Lucifer and his love into the dark pit he had created (Episode 1: Overture)

In many translations, Lucifer was cast out of Heaven along with other fallen angels due to being overtaken by his own pride and thoughts to overthrow God and His power. “You said to yourself, ‘I will climb up to heaven; above God’s stars, I will raise my throne. I’ll sit on the mount of assembly, on the heights of Zaphon. I’ll go up to the cloud tops; I’ll be like the Most High!’ But down to the underworld you are brought, to the depths of the pit” (Isaiah 14: 13-15 CEB). In the Bible he is cast out of Heaven from his pride (Ezekiel 28:12-18) and rebellion against the Lord, not for his actions in the garden. It is commonly seen he was already banished from Heaven by the time of the Garden.

Where is The Almighty?

Hazbin Hotel Vaggie and Charlie
Charlie Morningstar and Vaggie from Hazbin Hotel episode one: Overture (2024)- Prime Video screenshot

The largest difference between Hazbin Hotel‘s retelling and all biblical translations is the lack of God’s mention. So far in all of season one, we have neither heard or met the first beings Adam, Eve, Lilith, angels, demons, Charlie (commonly named Lucifer’s daughter in multiple shows and books, but by no means biblically backed), and of course Lucifer. Though there are many theories claiming God may still be the top in command in the show, referencing how the council of angels still have an order and rules to follow seemingly blindly.

The Bible states it took God seven days to create the world. The show mentions no timeline when the high council of angels’ created the world. While we hear common curses or character’s taking the lord’s name in vain, there is no proof in the animation that there is a godly figure in the show beyond the high council. They simply do not know what creates a “sinner” and a “winner” aside from the day of judgement. The Bible takes all of the sins as personal separation between humans and God as read in Genesis 3.

It is not cannon whether or not God or Jesus exist and/or if they will show up in either Hazbin Hotel or Medrano’s other animated series HelluvaBoss. Until then, we can only see these parallels as a creative spin on the religions it has taken from.

What the media has to say about it

Hazbin Hotel negative review on X
Screenshot from X

Not everyone is falling down the Hell-train. Christian content creators have posted many concerns with the series on social medias, especially TikTok and X.

A collection of negative reviews and concerns can be found in an opinions article by The Western Journal. Article writer Mike Landry claims he couldn’t watch the show passed the intro due to how, “it’s based off the corruption of the creation story.” While the article is incredibly bias, it does show a good representation of many christian creator’s public reviews on Hazbin Hotel. Other christians have come forth showing their dislike in the show as well. @TheLastDon222 posted the shows origin story on X along with a warning for christians to “wake up.” Comments supporting the post were made such as, “Disgusting. God sees and knows. They won’t be rewarded for this,” made by @Xstitcher1988.

Others have rebutted these creators on social media sharing their stories on growing up religious but leaving the church due to corruption in religious politics and organized religion as a whole. @Flubbytheprone posted on X, “Not only do I think Hazbin Hotel is amazing and exceeded my expectations from the pilot, but it also actually resonates with me as a Christian.” They then go on to post within the thread how the show is not a perfect accurate representation of the stories christians grew up with but that it points out flaws within organized religion and is made to be relatable to both christians and non-christians alike.

Many pro-Hazbin creators claim it is important to remember this is a fictional animated series. Many comments have been published reminding other’s that the opening story ends with main protagonist Charlie Morningstar closing a book called “The History of Hell.” This means she is reading a hell-made history book, which means someone in Hell wrote it. The author could have been any demon, Hellborn, Lilith or even Lucifer himself. There are strong reasons to why anyone in the Pride ring of hell would shy away from depicting their King in a negative light, and Lucifer being the embodiment of pride would most likely not write or permit a story written about him showing that he has done anything wrong. Is this on purpose? Will we get to see the seraphim’ side of the story? Only time will tell with season two of Hazbin Hotel already confirmed to be in production.

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