The Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Reveal Trailer is finally here! The reveal trailer was shown at the Xbox Games Showcase, and showed a glimpse of the upcoming campaign. The Black Ops campaigns are adored by the Call Of Duty fanbase. With the newest addition to the series, many fans speculate if Alex Mason will appear. 

What Happened to Alex Mason in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2?

Alex Mason in Call of Duty Black Ops 1

Many fans were speculating whether or not Alex Mason will appear in Black Ops 6. Mason was the main protagonist in the first two Black Ops games, while also making an appearance in Cold War and Warzone as a campaign character and Operator.

Unfortunately, Miles Leslie, an associate creative director at Treyarch, confirmed that Mason died during the events of Black Ops 2. Woods killing Mason is officially canon to the events of the Black Ops series, as well as Woods becoming wheelchair-bound because of Raul Menendez.

Our Black Ops operatives have been through a lot. If you know anything about Black Ops, we have put our agents and operatives through the wringer, you will see and find out the state of Woods right in the world of no Alex Mason and Jason Hudson because they’re dead.

Leslie’s statement also mentions James Hudson, the former CIA Agent and handler for Alex Mason, who was also killed during the events of Black Ops 2. Hudson was killed by that game’s villain, Menendez, after both he and Woods were captured by him and his men. 

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Depending on the player’s choices in Black Ops 2, one of these choices leads to the player being tricked into killing Alex Mason. Inversely, they could shoot him in the knees instead, which would spare him and have him and Woods reunite with Alex’s son at the end of the the game. With the tragic option being canon, this leaves Woods as an angry, retired veteran in Black Ops 6. He’ll be working from the sidelines to help the protagonist. 

Fans excited about Call Of Duty: Black Ops 6 can get their hands on the game when it releases on October 25, 2024, on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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