I am a new-generation Star Wars fan. I was old enough to watch the sequel trilogy release in theaters, but only watched the Cartoon TV shows like the Clone Wars and Rebels on demand with Disney+. As such, I’ve never experienced the energy of watching even the prequel trilogy in theaters during their initial release. 

But in May 2024, Star Wars Episode One, The Phantom Menace, will return to the big screen. Disney announced this re-release to celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary just in time for May the Fourth. It’s set to re-release on May 3rd in theaters nation wide.

Revival of the Prequels

The only screen I ever watched The Phantom Menace on was the family room TV, when I was little and watching Star Wars for the very first time. This was in the era of those really big cube televisions where you could touch the static on the screen. Since my family was with the crowd that were…less than fans of the film, we never watched the movie all together again. I haven’t seen The Phantom Menace since I was a child, and my love for Star Wars has only increased since I was sat down and watched all the movies for the first time. 

In the age since the Star Wars prequel era TV shows, like the animated Clone Wars series, there has been a new appreciation for prequel content among the fanbase. Perhaps this appreciation stems from the poorly received sequel movies that made fans love the prequels more in comparison. The fans have a new love for Hayden Christensen and Ewen McGregor for their roles as Anakin and Obi-Wan in the films after decades of hate, and backlash for the awkward writing of the prequels. 

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So, with a newly revived fandom gearing up to watch Star Wars, The Phantom Menace in theaters, I can’t wait to walk into the theater with fresh eyes and a newfound love for the film, along with all the other Star Wars fans sitting beside me. The energy of everyone in a theater there for the same nostalgic film is unmatched. So, Star Wars fans are crowding their local theaters to witness this movie on the big screen, either for the first time in years or the first time ever–like me. 

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