The Tribal Chief, the Head of the Table, Roman Reigns is rumored to be returning soon and it could be as soon as the Money in the Bank PPV on July 6th in Toronto. We know that when Roman inevitably returns, all hell will break loose. We already know that Solo just kicked out the Wiseman and Roman’s Special Council Paul Heyman last Friday on SmackDown. But given the fact that Roman’s father, Sika Anoa’i, had unfortunately passed away on Tuesday, we may not see Roman until after Money in the Bank…possibly until SummerSlam as the worst-case scenario.

Whenever Roman DOES come back, the WWE crowd will give an INSANE POP. For this, let’s do this logically. The best time for Roman to come back is not on a random SmackDown but at a major PPV. Yes, I just called it a “PPV” and not “PLE” because that’s what it’s best known as. The key aspects that I’ll be using to “logically” book Roman’s return are simply three-fold;

  1. Roman’s Goal
  2. How He Will Get There
  3. Who Will Be By His Side?

Without further ado, let’s get to the booking!

The Return of Roman Reigns

As pictured above, it’s pretty obvious as to what Roman is coming back for…or shall I say “who”. To be fair, it’s debatable between Cody Rhodes and Solo Sikoa…or how about both? Hear me out…

Before we get to the main event of the show, we HAVE to acknowledge that Jey Uso is in the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match and has no rivalry going for him as we speak. Hmm…coincidence? Maybe. But let’s have some fun while we’re at it. Let’s say hypothetically, Jey is about to win much to the excitement from the Toronto crowd. Everyone is down and out, recovering outside the ring, and Jey’s the only one up. Just being able to grasp the briefcase, we then see the ladder wiggle left to right. Jey holds on as the ladder comes tumbling down. He’s able to land on his feet and turns around to see someone in a hoodie. We don’t know who it is; could be Wyatt6, could be Jimmy, hell it could even be Roman. But it’s Jacob Fatu, as he screws Jey out of the briefcase. The winner will be told in my later articles. But why Jacob Fatu? He needs to earn his keep and is the newest member, which is an easy copout. However, I’ll go further and say that BECAUSE he’s the newest member and there’s FOUR in the Bloodline, they need to leave one out of their 6-Man Tag Match, which is either Tonga Loa or Jacob Fatu. However, Fatu is the more fitting one to screw Jey out because they’re legitimately blood-related and he’s also just been elected as the “Enforcer” of the Bloodline. He will do Solo’s dirty work, much like Solo did to Roman. However, it gets worse…

The Raw after Money in the Bank, Jey is planning to have a promo about the Bloodline screwing him over again. However, this time, he gets brutally beaten down backstage by Tama Tonga, which makes the most sense since he’s the most maniacal of the bunch. Remember how he beat up Kevin Owens backstage? Yeah, the same applies here. He brutally injures Jey and the match ends. The next week on SmackDown, Solo explains the Bloodline’s actions this past week and explains that he’s taking no prisoners, wanted to finish the job that his brother Jimmy couldn’t do and that anyone who crosses him in his path will all reap the consequences. This motive is to spread fear throughout the entire WWE, just like Roman did when he had the Bloodline go rogue on the Raw roster back in the beginning of 2023. Now going back to the Money in the Bank match…

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Cody Rhodes, Kevin Owens, and Randy Orton are taking on Solo Sikoa and the rest of the Bloodline in a 6-Man Tag Match at Money in the Bank on July 6th. There will be mayhem just in this match alone. But towards the end of the match, just when The Bloodline has the upper hand and Solo is about to spike Cody into oblivion…but then Roman’s music suddenly turns on. Solo subconsciously drops Cody and drifts all of his attention towards the stage. Roman’s nowhere to be found. Then, Roman appears in the ring behind him. Solo slowly turns around and they have a faceoff. Solo then starts smiling and backs away slowly. Cody slowly gets up and Roman focuses on him instead. He then spears the life out of Cody as Cody rolls out of the ring, but not before staring Solo down while he does it. Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa then get in the ring behind Roman, and he turns around to face them as well. Then, Jacob Fatu makes his way into the ring as well, and he gets in Roman’s face with an intense look. Roman just smirks and walks out of the ring and they continue with the match.

I’ll do a two-for-one special on this fantasy booking. Hypothetically, you don’t want Solo to lose credibility with the Bloodline. You have to continue the push. It can’t have him stall out like he did with him as the Enforcer last year with Roman. You need them to win, and Solo has to be the one to win the match for his team. Jacob Fatu doesn’t need it just yet because he just got signed, and Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa are the pure underlings of this faction so they shouldn’t win it either. But since Solo has to win, who will be eating the pin? It shouldn’t be Cody because he’s the champion, so it has to go to either Kevin Owens or Randy Orton. If we’re thinking logically about a future feud between Cody and Randy for SummerSlam, it’ll have to be Randy Orton eating the pin. He gives up on the Bloodline, realizing that with Roman back it can be unstoppable, and accepts his fate. Mentally, he’s struggling to find an identity and believes Cody is now what he used to be and gets jealous. He strikes with an RKO on Cody immediately after their loss at Money in the Bank. Now that that’s out of the way, and you are teasing two main events for SummerSlam, you can run with it in the coming weeks.

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The Coming Weeks

The next SmackDown starts with the Bloodline talking about what happened that past Sunday at Money in the Bank. Solo accuses Roman of stealing his moment as the leader and tells him that he’s no longer a champion anymore, so he needs to understand his place if he wants to come back. Since Solo strikes me, and possibly many more can agree with me on this, as a “chicken-shit” heel, he can talk trash to Roman when he’s not in his face. Have Solo add some credibility on the mic and say “You need to focus on your mourning family right now”, and maybe close it out by saying “…even though my father was much more entertaining than yours.” However, Roman doesn’t come out. Instead, have Paul Heyman do his classic “Ladies and Gentleman…” introduction off-screen. Paul tells Solo that Roman saw what happened on SmackDown where Solo kicked Paul Heyman out of the Bloodline, and wanted to come back sooner to confront him. Now these are the kind of mind games that Roman can play with Solo and get under his skin. With him not showing up, there’s a void in Solo saying that he will never be the Tribal Chief unless he beats the real Tribal Chief himself. He becomes desperate to prove that he’s better than Roman and that he never needed him to succeed. During this time of waiting for Roman to eventually show up, there’s an alumni of the Bloodline that’s still going strong; and that’s Jey Uso from Raw…and he’s doing well all on his own.

Less is more, folks. Roman is not a baby face YET! You have to mold him into one where his character works out with the fans. At this point, Roman still looks down on Solo as his Enforcer and an imposter at the Head of the Table, so you have to use his heel tendencies here. Have Paul lay out a challenge to Solo for a match at SummerSlam, Tribal Chief vs. “Tribal Chief” with Bloodline Rules. Roman should NOT make an appearance until two weeks before their match, because this will feed Solo’s desperation to prove himself to Roman. It happened with Jey, it happened with Jimmy, and it can easily happen to Solo. Roman should finally confront him then, and then hug him i n a twist to get the fans hooked. Once that happens, Roman appreciates him for holding down the fort while he was gone. But then, he looks at him and asks him “…but what happened to your brother? The Wiseman?” He then explains that the Bloodline wasn’t just a force, but it was about family. He then hits the killer question: “Who told you to do that?”, revealing that Solo’s been lying this entire time about Roman authorizing the moves Solo’s made.

Roman starts getting angry and does his signature facial expressions when he’s usually stressed out. However, Solo’s not backing down. He tells him that he’s made all the moves himself because he realized that without those titles around Roman’s waist, he’s not the Head of the Table anymore. He wants to be the Tribal Chief once and for all, so the next week during their contract signing for the match, Solo adds that if Roman loses, he relinquishes his spot at the Head of the Table thus giving that spot to him. Roman laughs this off and signs the contract, arrogantly thinking he’s heights above him. He says “I created you. I made you who you are. You should be thanking me for the spot you’re in now”, in a way to get into his head. This further pisses Solo off and he suddenly snaps his fingers. It’s not any member of the Bloodline that gets involved, but a man named “Zilla Fatu”, another distant cousin from the Anoa’i family who’s been rumored to join the company for months now. He attacks Roman from behind as he and Solo maul Roman Reigns. The rest of the Bloodline gets involved and beat the hell out of Roman. They triple-powerbomb him through the announcer’s table to end the show heading into SummerSlam. This is a fair move to make in this story because Solo needs to prove himself more than Roman does.

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During this matchup, Roman Reigns predictably beats the living hell out of Solo as the match progresses. However, since there’s no disqualification in “Bloodline Rules”, the Bloodline gets involved. They start beating down Roman, but then out comes Jey after a month-long hiatus. “Main Event” Jey Uso returns to side with Roman and superkicks Tama Tonga, then Jacob Fatu, but gets beaten down by Zilla, Tonga Loa, and Solo. Solo gives him a spike, and screams in his face.

Seemingly it seems like Solo’s about to win, but to the surprise of everyone, Jimmy Uso’s music turns on, causing a humongous pop from the Cleveland crowd. Jimmy superkicks Zilla, then Tonga Loa, and is then turned around by Jey himself. Jey is still upset with Jimmy after what happened, and they stare down each other again. However, Jey then sees Tama Tonga behind Jimmy, and Jimmy sees Tonga Loa behind Jey; and they both superkick them out of the ring. They stare at each other from parallel corners of the ring, as the crowd starts chanting “Ucey” and “Hug it out”. The Usos hug it out, receiving a huge pop from the crowd. However, Solo gets back in the ring to attack them both but saving them with a massive spear to Solo is Roman Reigns. He covers Solo for the win, as the original Bloodline members are seemingly back together again.

This is how I’d book Roman Reigns’ return. To be fair, I can go further and book the rest of the story, but that will come with time and I’ll make another one, specifically reflecting on this article and creating a Part 2 focusing primarily on the Bloodline Civil War 2.0. Stay tuned…

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