Starfield has become one of the most anticipated sci-fi video games to be released by Bethesda and one reason for that is the stunning cosmic visuals. There are so many planets to visit and characters to meet which is why it’s both exciting and fun to take photos of your voyage.

Most games nowadays let you use photo mode to take photos of your video game journey and it’s simple to take photos with Starfield as you have two options, using the scanner or system menu.

When you arrive in Kreet you will be able to access the scanner and take stunning shots. Here’s how to take pictures with photo mode.

Using your helmet scanner, you can switch to photo mode by simply pressing the F button on your keyboard or LB on Xbox controller. Use the RS or Mouse 4 button on your controller to access photo mode afterwards and you can save stunning images of cool places and creatures on your journey.

The other method uses a more traditional route for gamers who are used to the system menu. Simply hit the system menu under settings and click on the A button on your Xbox controller or the Space key on your keyboard and your photos will then be saved in the gallery.

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Starfield menu

Now that you know how to take photos in Starfield, what does your cosmic voyage look like?!

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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