Like other open world/role playing games, Starfield has a gear system as well as an in-game currency that gives players freedom to trade as well as create a sense of economy for the Settled Systems. With such a large universe and many potential journeys to travel on, having a good amount of credits will make your adventures more comfortable as there are many desired ways to give yourself an edge for the right price. While there are many ways of making money in this large game, the easiest way to get a few credits is by selling any goods you have in your inventory.

Selling Items

Starfield Inventory Item Value

All you need in order to sell items in this game is access to a vendor and some items in your inventory that you are willing to part with. Vendors can be found in any of the major cities that include but are not limited to New Atlantis, Akila City, and Neon. Some of these vendors will specialize in certain items like weapons, armor, or just general goods. However, each vendor will buy anything you are willing to sell to them. 

Of course, each item won’t sell for the same price, and there are some items that are worth much more than others. For example, a weapon or piece of armor you find will sell for much more than a box of cereal you happened to find on the floor of an abandoned kitchen. To see the value of an item, you will have to find it in your inventory or in the inventory menu before you pick it up, and at the third row of the description for the item, in between the mass and the mods will be a value telling you how many credits you will earn if you sell it. 

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Starfield Vendor dialogue

Having access to different vendors and knowing the value of your cargo will make selling items simple. You will just need to talk to a vendor to bring up dialogue options with one of them being something along the lines of “let me see what you have for sale”. Picking this option will bring up the vendor’s inventory with a button prompt in the lower left corner of the screen to bring up the sell menu. The sell menu will allow you to access your inventory and select what you want to get rid of. Selling your items is a great way to manage your inventory as well as earn some extra credits.

Starfield is out now on Xbox Series X/S and PC

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