Not only will you be charting the stars in Starfield, you’ll be charting your companion’s love lives. Currently, there are four confirmed Constellation relationships you can have: Barrett, Sam Coe, Sarah Morgan, and a mystery fourth person. I’m not sure if you can romance everyone all at once, though. And unfortunately, you cannot romance Vasco.

Nudity And Sex Scenes

Starfield Sam Coe Sarah Morgan

Let’s get this burning question out of the way, it should be everyone’s first priority. Answer: There’s “very mild impact” nudity and no visible sex. Unlike Baldur’s Gate 3, you probably invite NPC’s to your bed then cut to you two in bed sheets. However, I am loving the suggestive dialogue.

“I’m all for getting a little wild, but next time let’s try it without the jetpacks.”

“Life is a sexually transmitted disease that’s a hundred percent fatal.”

“Talk about seeing stars, whew… that was amazing.”


Starfield Constellation

It’s assumed you can further relationships through dialogue and unique quest-lines. Perhaps, the four’s personal tastes may clash, possibly disallowing progression in other suitors. Of course, this is only speculation.

According to an interview with Lex Fridman, Todd Howard addresses how these relationships aren’t “super-complex romantic, but more complex… than we’ve had”. Romancing systems often progress linearly; keep pleasing an NPC or “make them upset [and] you drift out of it like it never happened.” In Starfield’s romance system you can upset someone without ending the relationship. Your partner will be in a “temporary ‘I-don’t-like-what-you-did’ state.”

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Howard doesn’t want to “oversell” this mechanic. Maybe these bumps in the road are scripted. Nevertheless, it’s great to see a more realized improvement for narrative and romance systems in games.

Meet Your Potential Partners


Starfield Barrett

We don’t know a lot about Barrett. What’s his last name? He’s a part of Constellation as an engineer. He’s got a sense of humor and “irresistible charm”. Apparently, it doesn’t work on space pirates. He’s obviously a skilled technician, but he’s into some cooking as well.

Sam Coe

Starfield Sam Coe

Sam is a pilot and resident cowboy for Constellation. He has some cheesy dialogue, but let’s hope that’s for later down your relationship. Maybe he’s just a wholesome, genuine guy? He appears to be a weapons expert and has geology as a hobby.

Sarah Morgan

Starfield Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan is the leader of Constellation. She’s an ex-soldier and adventurer. It’s likely she’s got some worldly, or otherworldly, experience. She could be into gardening due to her skill point in botany.

So who would you woo? Personally, I’m interested in Barrett and Sam, but I won’t discount Sarah. We don’t know our fourth paramour, so they might switch things up too. I imagine they’re a woman or nonbinary to equalize genders. Maybe even an alien? Either way, now you can delve into the stars and your companion’s hearts.

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Starfield is available September 6th on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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