The Walking Dead is one of my favorite TV Series shows that I have watched in my lifetime. It is not number one as nothing will ever beat Breaking Bad, but The Walking Dead is firm 2nd place. The Walking Dead is starting to trend with The Daryl Series happening now, Fear The Walking Dead is coming out with a new season, and even the Rick Grimes/Michonne Series is coming soon. Something that I have been intrigued with a lot and not a lot of people are talking about it, is the new video game called Walking Dead: Destinies. What is that game and How Can You Pre-Order It? Let’s find out.

What is this game about?

There have been a handful of games about AMC’s The Walking Dead, but this one is actually intriguing as the focus of it will be on Seasons 1-4. This game is going to give players choices to make, sort of like a what if scenario if things went differently from the actual show.

The game is going to focus on Rick Grimes from the beginning of the show with him in the hospitals. Then it will take on his journey from those beginning seasons and make choices on what happens. I mean there is so many places to go like Atlanta, the highway, the Greene Farm, prison, and even Woodbury. The Governor is going to be in this show, and I hope David Morrissey is involved in this game as his performance was amazing in the main tv series.

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My question is, will all of your choices truly matter? I mean the only game that has successful made your choice matters is Detroit Becomes Human. You can maybe throw in Telltale The Walking Dead’s 1st season, but there are certainty choices in that game that don’t matter. That to me is what is really going to make this game stand out as I am more interested in making the What-If portion, then just recreating the entire game

How to Pre-Order The Game

The game is available on multiple consoles including Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC, and PlayStation. You can actually pre-order this game now at the moment and the best part is the price of this game is $49.99 which is a solid price. It is available to pre-order on Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop. I expect more will be added the closer the game gets put on release.

My Concern With This Game

History states we should be cautiously optimistic about The Walking Dead: Destinies. There is a part of me that really likes the idea of this game and is hyped for this game, along with AMC involvement. The thing that makes me nervous is that I said the same thing in regards to The Walking Dead Survival Instinct. As stated in my 10 Things AMC Wants You To Forget about The Walking Dead and Daryl Dixon articles, it was an absolutely terrible game that was an obvious lazy cash grab.

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I hope that this game is not like what Survival Instinct was as I was so disappointed playing. The main question is What Will this game truly be for A&E? Will it be cash grab lazy, or a great game where they put the effort in. The answer to what specific game this will be will be answered when the game is released. I am very interested to see how this game will be and will for sure play the game.

Walking Dead: Destinies will be available on November 14th and will be playable on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch

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