Palworld can be tons of fun by yourself. You never truly feel alone when you’ve got not only a team of select pals at your side, but a whole base full of hard workers mass producing guns and ammo for you to tear down your foes with. But sometimes you need a helping hand from someone other than a pal, or maybe you want to play against a friend of yours. Maybe big servers are more your speed. For that, you can take advantage of Palworld’s multiplayer feature.

New Multiplayer World

So, how do you start up multiplayer play in a brand new world? Well, if you want to be the one to host the world (i.e. the save data for the world you and your friends play in will be saved on your computer), then you can go ahead and hit “Start Game” from the Main Menu, as if you’re going into a singleplayer game—a little counter-intuitive, I know, but bear with me—then, you’ll name the world, and next you’ll see an option to switch Multiplayer to “On.” It’s as simple as that.

Helpfully, Palworld will also show the following under Tips, once you’ve switched Multiplayer on:

– Check the Invite Code for this World on the Option Screen after starting the game.

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– When playing Co-Op, the host’s performance may drop as guests join.

– As such, play will be smoother with a host who has a higher spec computer.

Multiplayer in an Existing World

But maybe you want to play with your friends in a world you’ve already put some work into. You’ve got your base all set up and you don’t want to lose all that progress, even if you’ve got another person to help you build back up twice as fast. Or maybe you just forgot to open your brand new world up to multiplayer while going through this guide. Regardless, you can make an existing world multiplayer by simply accessing World Settings from the World Select Menu. Once you’ve done that, you can just follow the steps above.

Joining A Multiplayer World

Alternatively, maybe you’re that friend who wants to head into another’s hosted multiplayer world. If that’s the case, all you need to do is choose “Join Multiplayer Game (Invite Code)” from the menu, then ask the host of the game to hit pause. Their game’s Invite Code can be found in the upper right of the screen, where they’ll have to click the little eye icon to unhide the code.

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Got a server you want to join? All you have to do is pick one from the list under “Join Multiplayer Game.”

Now you and your friends are free to explore, catch, tame, and craft to your hearts’ content!

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