The thing with Palworld that makes the game cool is that it combines Pok√©mon with Minecraft, and it’s brilliant. Something I always enjoy doing, both in real life and in games like this, is baking a cake. I think baking a cake is pretty damn fun, and I was very happy to discover that in Palworld, you can make a cake. The question is, though, how do you make a cake in Palworld?

Ingredients Needed

IngredientAmount Needed
Red Berries8

How to get the Ingredients

When it comes to acquiring the ingredients, your main sources are looting from plantations or engaging in hunting and gathering activities. The items that are relatively easier to loot include Red Berries, Wheat, and Flour, which can be found in both player-built and world-based plantations.

For Eggs, Milk, and Honey, you’ll typically need to engage in hunting and gathering. Chikipis provide Eggs, Mozzarinas yield Milk, and Cinnamoths, Beegardes, or Elizabees are sources of Honey. The area around the Rayne Syndicate Tower is particularly fruitful for obtaining Honey and Milk. While you can farm these items, it can be a challenging process.

There’s also the option to buy ingredients from the store, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re looking to save time. Exploring and obtaining these items on your own is often a more rewarding approach.

How to Bake the Cake and My Recommendations

Now you can bake the cake with any food producing tool/facility which makes life easier. I recommend two things regarding baking the cake. The first is to use the Cooking Pot as that is the simpler and easier. If you want to focus on speed though, try to get a Pal that has a Kindling of level 2. It makes the process a bit more quicker and the speed could help in certain situations.

The Importance of Making Cake in Palworld

Now that you know the process of baking the cake, many wonder, is there any importance to making a cake in this game? The correct answer is yes, and it has a significant impact on breeding and protecting an egg. Especially considering how effective it is, it has turned into an item that players should stockpile. Armed with the knowledge of how to make it and its importance, the power is now in your hands to apply what you’ve learned in your playthrough of the game

Palworld is available to play now on PC, Xbox Series X/S

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