Spider-Man 2 is finally here! As you explore Insomniac’s New York, you’ll notice the value of earning XP. Earning XP allows you to level up, which unlocks skill points to spend on Peter Parker, Miles Morales, or both. Some suits are also locked behind reaching a certain level, so if you want to wear some of the most iconic outfits from Spidey cannon, you’ll need to be on your grind.

If you’re looking for a way to speed that up and earn XP as fast as possible in Spider-Man 2, we’ve got you covered. Note that this article contains the names of some early Story Missions.

Completing Missions and Activities

My in-game screenshot of a Crime Event XP Reward

Mission completion is the most straight forward way to earn XP. This tends to pay out the most too. Completing missions, either Main Quests or Side Stories will net you an XP payout. Activities will also earn you XP. For example, stopping a crime that pops up as a random world event will net you some XP, and you can complete the bonus objective tied to it to earn even more!

While Main Quests tend to reward the largest payouts, they can often take longer due to their set-pieces and cinematics. If you really want to level up quickly, finish a few of the main story missions, then focus on the side content. I recommend completing the “Bad Guys on the Block” story mission. Once you finish it, you’ll be able to find Hunter Blinds. These are small, hidden bases full of Kraven’s Hunters. They net you 1,000XP which is half of the bonus you get from the average story mission. Some Main Missions I’ve completed can even get you up to 4,000XP. However, Hunter Blinds can be completed in a fraction of the time. In my time playing, this is has been by far the best method to farm XP.

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Tips and Literal Tricks

Spider-Man 2, Peter and Miles, Spider-Man Swinging

Doing tricks while swinging through New York can also net you XP gains. When you are in mid-air, press the square button and then move the left stick to do tricks. You get One XP per trick. This may not sound like a lot, but if you make it a habit as you travel, they can really add up. Over the course of my playthrough, there were several times where doing some tricks while swinging caused me to Level Up.

We hope these help you as you explore Insomniac’s New York. Keep these tips in mind and check out our guide on what to do first in Spider-Man 2’s open world to maximize your time playing and get the most XP possible. If you’re looking for video content, check out Kyle’s Spider-Man Streams on the Strangely Awesome Games YouTube Channel.

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