If there’s one thing to look forward to in an RPG, it’s the challenging fights that really put your strategies to the test.

But everyone (myself, more than I like to admit) has had those moments where we completely forget about HP being a thing. And then we only realize our massive mistake upon stepping into a huge boss battle with only a sliver of health.

Thankfully, Honkai: Star Rail grants us several ways to heal our party members, especially in the overworld. This is a huge help for situations like prepping to fight your next big story boss or topping off for that secret side path you found on your travels.

Besides the obvious benefit of, you know, staying alive. Everyone loves staying alive, right? Right. So, here’s a quick, easy list to show you how to go about maintaining your team’s HP on your journey.

Option #1: Space Anchors

Space Anchors are probably the most consistent lifesaver you can count on during your travels. Whenever you approach one, your team is granted an automatic full heal with no cost at all.

The only drawback is that the Space Anchors have a shared cooldown time until the next heal. Normally, this cooldown spans around 5-7 minutes, which isn’t all that bad considering how long it might take to solve puzzles, clear battles, or do any activity really.

On top of the fact that Space Anchors act as safe, fast travel points as well, it’s a huge relief to come across one no matter where you might be.

Option #2: Overworld Abilities

Next on the block is the overworld abilities, which can be a little bit more hit-or-miss.

While the characters you recruit have their own special abilities in combat, each one also has a general ability to use outside of battles. Granted, these are more general use, usually in the form of generic stat buffs and such.

Some characters, like the Protagonist of Honkai: Star Rail, come packed with a Health Recovery ability in the overworld. So, if you’re hurting to top off your team, you can just swap to them and pop the health boost with no problem.

Bear in mind that this will take some energy to do, and you’ll have to refill your uses with the energy pickups found in the environment.

Option #3: Run a Healer in Your Group

The most common way to keep your team alive is to run a healer character as one of your units. In Honkai: Star Rail, these characters fall in the class type called Path of Abundance, which is the flashier name given for dedicated healers you can use.

The easiest Abundance character to acquire is Natasha, who players can unlock for free by completing the Trailblaze Mission “Lying in the Rust“.

Besides being my favorite character in the game, she’s a solid pick for team healing, even if she’s only a 4-star unit. Beyond that, you can still make use of any other Abundance characters summoned through the game’s Warp system to keep your team healthy.

Safe Travels in Honkai: Star Rail

Like any RPG, healing can make all the difference for any player. It’s all the more relieving that Honkai: Star Rail gives you options to go about healing up.

Whether you like taking risky options or playing it safe, there’s something for everyone to make the experience much more personalized.

You now know exactly how you can keep your group healed up. Now get out there and save the universe. Until next time, Trailblazers!

Honkai: Star Rail is available now on PS4, PS5, Windows, Android, and iOS.

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