It has been awhile since I last wrote about Palworld, but it is such an enjoyable game to play. One thing that is important too do in Palworld is to ensure that you have essential resources to help breed your pal and get special abilities from them. A super important resource in Palworld is Wheat and it can help you so much in this game.

The Importance of Wheat

Wheat in Palworld is an item that can help pals breed and acquire special abilities. It is a super useful resource for other things like Cake. If you want to know how to bake a simple cake, it is simple. However, you are going to need wheat.

Of course, the only way to get wheat is to grow it via a Wheat Plantation your going to need 35 of them to make it, along with 35 Stone and 35 Wood.

How to Acquire Wheat Seeds

When it comes to acquiring Wheat Seeds, there are really only two main ways to acquire some.

1. Buying it

This is the lazy approach to getting them. Throughout the map there are wandering merchants. They are located throughout multiple regions and they offer a lot of items. One of those items are Wheat Seeds and even Wheat itself. The cost is around 100 gold and depending how many plantations you want it will be costly.

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2. Wheat seeds drop from Grass-type Pals

Luckily Wheat Seeds can drop from the Grass-Type Pals. There are 4 that come to mind including Dinossom, Bristla, Lopie, and Cinnamoth. My recommendation is to focus on getting the Dinossom pal as you can find them early in your adventure and they drop the most seeds. Now it is your choice to either capturing or defeating them.

So those are the ways that you can get Wheat Seeds and the importance of Wheat in this game. My question is was this information useful? Let me know in the comment section and don’t forget to give the article a like. Along with checking out the rest of our articles on Palworld and all things gaming and entertainment.

Palworld is available to play now on PC, Xbox Series X/S

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