The developers for Dead Space Remake did a great job balancing between the usage of ammo against the Necromorphs and the credits you spend purchasing them. Still, the gap is narrow, and one can only sometimes take the risk of wasting ammo on unwanted activities. So read on below to see how you can get unlimited ammo. Keep in mind this is a glitch and will only generate Pulse Rifle ammo and, by extension, unlimited credits.

You will need the Pulse Rifle, 5000 Credits, access to a workbench and store, and at least five nodes to perform this glitch. You will have access to all of these after completing the beginning of Chapter 2 in Dead Space Remake. So let’s get started.

How To Get Infinite Ammo

Once you get the Pulse Rifle in Chapter 2, you’ll need to wait for a nearby store and workbench to take advantage of this glitch. You’ll also want to search for an area where Necromorphs won’t spawn to prevent random encounters which can interrupt the ammo-gathering process.

The Medical Tram Stop Is Your First Stop

The Medical Tram Stop is an excellent location for this trick as Necromorphs aren’t likely to spawn, and there’s a store nearby and a workbench past the east exit. When ready, prepare by getting your Pulse Rifle and as many nodes as possible (≥5 nodes). Next, go to the workbench and select your Pulse Rifle. Pressing square/x in the rifle’s node tree allows you to reset all current node progress for 5000 credits. Please do this as you’ll want to revert the rifle to its original state.

Now the next step requires you to fire proximity mines onto the floor. You do this by aiming the Pulse Rifle on the ground and pressing R1/RB. Fire as many as you can with the available ammo in your inventory. After exhausting the ammo, head back to the workbench. Go into the Pulse Rifle menu and spend a single node on capacity. ONLY DO THIS ONCE. Then exit out of the menu. This will fill your current ammo clip free of charge, allowing you to fire proximity mines again.

After Firing All Proximity Mines, Head Back To The Workbench

Once again, fire as many proximity mines as you can, then return to the workbench and insert another node into the Pulse Rifle capacity. This trick though becomes easier once you obtain the P.C.S.I. Custom Magazine (shown above) while exploring The Bridge, as it provides you with numerous capacity modules at the start, allowing you to wrack up free clips quickly.

Repeat this process until you have used all your nodes. Then, deactivate all the proximity mines by aiming at them and pressing R1/RT. The mines will transform back into ammo. As you placed a lot of mines with the bullets obtained from the capacity trick, you will have more ammo in your inventory than before. You can go to the shop and sell the generated ammo. You should receive more than 5000 Credits, which means you can reset the Pulse Rifle’s nodes again and earn some additional Credits.

Aim At The Mines And Deactivate Them, Turning Them Back To Ammo

You can now go back and repeat this cycle to your heart’s content, using the extra Credit to buy other ammo you’re short on, improve your suit, or buy new weapon parts. You can obtain more nodes, which will enable you to gather even more ammo each time you take advantage of the glitch (insert evil laugh).

Dead Space Remake is available now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Neil Gillette

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