Since Insomniac’s Spider-Man swung onto PS4 in 2018, players have been anxiously anticipating the addition of the iconic Symbiote suit into the series. The Venom/Symbiote arc is one of the most famous from all of Spidey canon. It has featured in tons of comics, TV Shows, and even the movies. Spider-Man 2’s version of the instantly recognizable look for Peter Parker’s Spider-Man does not disappoint. Here’s how to unlock it, and its variants, in Spider-Man 2.

The Black Suits from the Main Quest

Image from the PlayStation Blog of Peter in the Symbiote Suit

There are two different versions of this suit unlocked through the story. There is the Black Suit, and the Symbiote Suit. In the story, the Symbiote Suit is a further evolved version of the Black Suit, and which you have available to you is dependent on where you are in the story. You will unlock the Black Suit from the “Good Men” mission. Later in the story it will evolve into the Symbiote Suit. Once you complete the story, you can freely swap between the two, so you can choose your favorite of the two looks to wear as you explore the open-world.

The Webbed Black Suit

The Iconic Black Webbed suit from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 is also available! This suit looks very sleek and the graphical power available in the PS5 really lets this suit shine. Sometimes literally. Worn by Tobey Maguire in the Spider-Man movies a lot of fans grew up with, its sure to make a lot of nostalgic fans smile.

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This is an optional cosmetic, so you don’t unlock it from the Story Missions. Instead, you craft it. Once you reach XP Level 31, it will be available to craft with 65 Tech Parts and 2 Rare Tech Parts. Both these currencies are unlocked through side activities. They can be found in Blue or Gold chests respectively throughout the world. Now that you know how to unlock these suits, send us your screenshots on Twitter @AwesomeGameCast! For more Spider-Man 2, stick with us here or check out Kyle’s Spider-Man Streams on our YouTube Channel.

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