If you’ve just bought Palworld, or as it’s otherwise known, “Pok√©mon with guns”, you might be wondering how to get it to live up to this title. Well, unsurprisingly, one of the biggest steps to doing this would be to craft gunpowder (and if you have just bought the game, this won’t be for a while, since gunpowder doesn’t unlock until level 21, and you can’t make it unless you’ve got a High Quality Workbench, or something better, like an Assembly Line.

palworld sulfur icon
Image Credit: Palworld Wiki

But the first step to crafting your own gunpowder is to find sulfur, which is a natural resource that can be found in the form of a yellow rock that must be mined, ideally with a pickaxe or a suitable pal. I mean, you can punch it with your fists, but that’ll take a while and probably hurt.

The first way to find sulfur is by looting it from chests in dungeons. Dungeons are all over Palapagos Islands, but you might have to keep a keen eye out in order to find them, since some of them appear as caves which can be tough to spot, especially from the air on the back of your flying rideable pal.

palworld sulfur resource map

Another way to find sulfur is to travel the map. It can be found all across the map in the game, but some biomes, like the northern mountains or certain islands, won’t have it at all, and–logically–the volcano biome to the far west will be rich with the stuff. To help you locate it more easily, I’ve found a nice resource map, posted on Reddit by u/Jost0, which notes all the places sulfur can be found. Be careful, though, wild pals in that western volcanic region are higher level; even if you can craft gunpowder at level 21, I personally wouldn’t recommend venturing out that way until at least level 30.

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