Released in 2021 for the Nintendo Switch, Capcom’s Monster Hunter: Rise is the sixth main installment in the franchise. After instantly becoming a cult classic in countries like Japan and Korea, Monster Hunter is finally gaining popularity in the west. This brilliant, semi-open world, action-packed RPG is filled with visually stunning landscapes and beautifully crafted monsters. Known for its detail-orientated game mechanics that vary depending on what equipment you use, MHR can be confusing for beginners. However, mastering some fundamental concepts can turn any novice into a master hunter in no time.

Learning Your Surroundings

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In the Monster Hunter franchise, the town or hub is where every player begins their adventure. In Rise, we start in Kamura Village. Like all Monster Hunter games, Kamura Village contains everything a hunter needs to succeed, though we only sometimes know it. Therefore, it’s essential to explore the village and familiarize yourself with the vendors, the blacksmiths, and the Quest maiden, Hinoa. The main storyline progresses through the quests you receive from Hinoa, but without the proper gear, it’ll be difficult to progress without dying many times.

Gearing Up

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Its crafting system is one thing separating the Monster Hunter franchise from other RPG games. Unlike traditional RPGs whose equipment is secondary to a character’s level, a hunter’s ranking is separate from his strength. In Monster Hunter: Rise as well as the franchise’s other installments, your strength, and endurance are determined by the gear you craft.

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While simple, this fundamental concept can cause new players to find themselves in a cycle of being unable to defeat strong monsters to craft new equipment because their equipment sucks. Luckily, Capcom had new players in mind and introduced the Defender weapon set and the Black belt armor set. This allows new players to advance the story and survive long enough to craft their own weapons and armor.

Getting Familiar

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The most important place for a beginner is the training area. Before stepping into the vast, open-world landscapes, figuring out how you’ll be hunting is the first step. Monster Hunter: Rise has 14 weapon options, each with advantages and disadvantages, attributes, and variations. The weapons include Great Sword, Lance, Gun-lance, Switch-Axe, Insect Glaive, Dual Blades, and many more. Each weapon has a different play style and button configuration, and affects how a player approaches a monster. A beginning player needs to be comfortable with at least one weapon before stepping into battle. This is where you can bring your play style to a whole new level depending on your preferences.

Weapons are just one aspect of the game to be familiarized with before going on a quest. Items constitute a significant part of Monster Hunter: Rise. It’s essential for new and experienced players to always stay prepared for a hunt by keeping their item bag andchest full of crafting materials. From traps to healing potions, missing the right item can quickly turn a successful hunt into a failed one. Going on expeditions and learning the maps and locations of items can be invaluable knowledge while starting Monster Hunter: Rise.

Don’t Forget To Tip the Chef

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Now that you’ve covered all the basics, the last step separating the noobs and the pros is the Canteen. Visiting one of the Canteens before a hunt can boost your attributes and buffs, allowing you to begin the hunt with a slight advantage. Combining different materials leads to various buffs so that you can be fully creative in your gathering and preparations. The attributes come with a time limit, but you can eat again at your campsite during quests and expeditions. Going out into the wild without eating can seriously affect your success, so make sure you stop by the Canteen before stepping outside Kamura Village.

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Capturing Over Killing

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The next tip is capturing a monster instead of killing it. As mentioned before, acquiring the right materials to craft suitable weapons and armor is critical when beginning the game. Though, when dealing small amounts of damage, defeating your target may feel like it’s lasting forever. Most new players need to learn that capturing a monster is a faster and more rewarding method for taking down those ferocious beasts.

By weakening the monster until it begins to limp away and using Shock or Pitfall traps along with two Tranq bombs, you can snag your monster and gain a higher drop rate for materials. This technique can cut the number of hunts you need to accomplish in half and help you craft the armor or weapon you’ve had your eye on in record time.

Becoming a Master Hunter

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After becoming familiar with the basic but more overlooked aspects of Monster Hunter: Rise, you’re ready to leave the nest. Remember to study your monster’s elements, movements, and habits and learn where the weak points on their body are. Attacking or tenderizing a monster’s weak areas can lead to part breaks that can quickly give you the upper hand in a hunt. Equipping the appropriate armor can also make a significant difference on a hunt. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’re free to begin grinding until you’re soloing Elder Dragons all on your own.

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Monster Hunter: Rise is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

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