There’s a lot enemies out there in Hades. It can get overwhelming, so let’s go over them. I won’t cover absolutely everything, but here are some mobs you might struggle with. As you advance, you can look them up with a codex the first time you defeat one. You’ll get familiar with them fast.

If you’re having trouble with ranged foes, focus them first. Use your dashes to initiate and dodge. Shield yourself behind structures, or deflect with Athena’s boon. You can even nullify some projectiles with your attack. Hades has many ranged enemies, but you’ll pick up on their patterns as you keep playing.


Tartarus Hades Foe Wretched Lout Witch Brimstone

Wretched Louts may not look it, but their dash-attack is fast. Look out for their wind-up animation. Brimstones will make a hollow sound before charging a homing laser. They annoy me the most, so I end up targeting them first. Get ready for more; Tartarus is the easiest of all the floors.


Asphodel Foe Hades Inferno Bomber Slam Dancer Bone Raker Burn Flinger

Bone Rakers can stun-lock you with their wide swinging, so stay out of their melee range. Burn-Flingers, Inferno-Bombers, and Slam-Dancers all utilize bombs. Inferno-Bombers fling delayed bombs in your direction. The other two have an additional melee attack, an AOE explosive slam. Many enemies in Asphodel can cover screen-long distances which can lead to a fiery demise. Just beware that the magma slows and damages you too.


Elysium Foe Hades Longspear Greatshield Strongbow Brightsword Flame Wheel Exalted

Flame Wheels lock onto you and explode. You can burst or kite them down; if you don’t have the damage or range they can be annoying. There’s even a purchasable item that prevents their appearance. One trick is to dash through a wall. Flame Wheels detonate upon contact, so they can’t pass through obstacles.

Next, the Exalted are everywhere. Brightswords and Longspears leap across levels with extreme mobility. The former also shoot a spiked-pink projectile. Strongbows can fire up to three powerful arrows and are flighty, comically so. You’ll know if you are in their sights if a pink target floats around Zagreus.

Greatshields are slow, but they’re immune to damage upfront. Backstab or wait for their attack animations to retaliate. They can also slam the ground, producing pink projectiles. All Exalted respawn as a soul, so kill them twice.

The Temple of the Styx

Styx Foe Hades Snakestone Vermin Bother Satyr Mandragora

Satyrs shoot poison darts. Listen for their throaty gargle and get ready to dodge. Giant Vermin also spread poison on the ground and burst with it when killed. When poisoned, you can find Mandragora Curing Pools. At least one is guaranteed to appear in every combat chamber.

Like Brimstones of Tartarus, Snakestones behave the similarly. The difference is their multiple lasers, potentially stacking more damage. You can still outrun their tracking; they just cover more area.

You can stun-lock unarmored enemies. I advise you do so in the cramped tunnels of the Styx. Lasers and poison damage can rack up if left untreated.

Try And Try Again

Zagreus Floors Hades Asphodel Elysium Tartarus Styx

If you grow frustrated, just remember: games are designed to be completed. At least, well-designed games. Especially roguelike ones. And Hades fits in both categories. I didn’t cover everything; there’s a lot the game introduces and you’ll catch on quickly. So go out there and Divine Dash in one of the best games out there!

Hades is available on Mac, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X.

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