Starfield has been an enjoyable game to play, but at times goes to show that your going to need very important items in order for you to get better. One of the most important items in this game are digipicks as it can really help you when it comes to getting Loot. I an not joking, you legit can’t improve or beat the game without them. So the question is, what are digipicks and how can you get more of them.

What is a Digipick?

So basically, digipicks are Starfield’s version of what lockpicks are. The digipicks are important as loot is not common and you are going to need a digipick to unlock some of it. The loot can be lucrative at times, so it is going to be important to stock up on the digipicks. The question now is how can you get more digipicks?

How to get more Digipicks

Well there are two main ways to acquire digipicks in this game. One focuses on buying them and the other is to scavenge around planets to get digipicks.

Buying Digipicks

This is the most easiest way to acquire digipicks in the game. They are available for purchase in both General Stores and Trade Authority Stores. In the picture shown above a digipick can cost up to 27 credits, but it can depend on if you have the commerce skill.

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Now keep in mind that most stores carry 2 or 3 digipicks, so if you want to stock up, your going to have to do some traveling to each General Store. Luckily here are plenty of locations when finding a General Store or Trade Authority.

Scavenging Digipicks

Digipicks on a table in Starfield

This one is not as guaranteed compared to just buying it at a store as it involves the chance of trying to find it through scavenging. They are more hidden, but you can find them by locked safes or on tables. There are times where they can be inside lockers as well, so don’t forget about searching there. You can even pickpocket people when scavenging as well once you acquire the Theft Skill.

So that is digipicks in a nutshell. So my suggestion is to stock up on them as there is some great loot and you can’t some of it without getting digipicks. The more digipicks you have the better and less stress when coming across potential good loot. Hopefully this article gave you a better understanding of digipicks and how to get more of them in Starfield.

Starfield is available to play now on PC and Xbox Series X/S

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