If you like tongue-in-cheek, splatter-fest zombie games, you’ll love Dead Island 2. Lots of gore, chaos, and undead carnage, all set in good ol sunny Los Angeles. This First-Person horror RPG is a fun addition to the Dead Island games, mixing mayhem and the macabre in vibrant, colorful fashion.

While this over the top zombie game is more known for its old fashioned melee approach, there are definitely guns in Dead Island 2. Want to know how to unlock them? We’ve got you.

How to Unlock Guns

Streets of LA with zombie hordes and first person perspective shooting one with a pistol

You can’t unlock guns in Dead Island 2 until you go through the main story quest called, “Justifiable Zombicide,” complete with a boss fight with a new type of zombie. After you defeat this boss, Sam B will give you the Sporting Rifle, which is the first gun in the game. From there on out, guns will be found throughout the rest of Dead Island 2, spawning in loot chests and occasionally given to you for quest rewards.

Gun types include:

  • Shotguns
  • Automatic Rifles
  • Sub-machine Guns
  • Hunting Rifles
  • Pistols
  • Nail guns (Yes, nail guns count as a gun. It’s in the name!)

Thanks to weapon mods and perk attributes, these basic gun types can be customized quite a bit, giving variety to your arsenal.

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Legendary Guns

There are various legendary weapons in Dead Island 2, but this article is about guns so guns are what we shall cover! There are only 2 legendary guns, and like most of the legendary weapons, they can’t be acquired until very late in the game or after the main story is completed. That said, they’re quite powerful and a lot of fun to wreak havoc with. The first of these is Big Shot, a highly effective revolver, which comes with 4 perk slots for flexible customization and fires explosives as ammo. You’ll get it after completing the main story, after finishing the “It’s Not Your Fault,” side quest.

The second legendary gun is Bodycount, which is an assault rifle so lethal that many consider it to be the best weapon in the game. Naturally, this means you won’t get it until after you complete the main story. Can’t have the game be too easy for you, after all, and getting Bodycount could very well obliterate challenges in their tracks. With major bleed damage and lots of perks, players will be able to stop zombies where they stand. To get this weapon you’ll need to complete the “Cremains of the Day,” and Diaries of the Dead,” side quests.

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Want more Dead Island 2 tips? Here’s how to fast travel, so you can blow the undead away that much quicker.

Dead Island 2 is available now for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S

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