Dead Island 2 has been a very enjoyable game to play. I love to do strategy in games and get as much loot as I can get. One way to do that is by obtaining fuses in Dead Island 2. Some players are having a difficult time getting these fuses and I think it would be important to explain fuses in the game and how to obtain them.

What are Fuses Used For?

In Dead Rising 2, fuses are consumable items that are inserted into fuse boxes. Most of the fuse boxes are around Hell-A in order to reactivate circuits and open doors that are inaccessible. These doors are big to unlock as there is a lot of valuable loot. That loot will absolutely be useful for your journey in the game and even for certain missions as well.

How to get Fuses?

Well, there is only one way to obtain fuses in this game and that is to buy them through Traders. There are multiple different traders in the game, but the one you will bump into the most is Carlos. Carlos is located in Bel-Air where Emma’s Mansion is. Luckily there are other traders in the map as well.

Other Traders In the Game

  • Beverly Hills: Roger (Roxanne’s House) or Francesca (Red House on the north side)
  • Hollywood Boulevard: Todd (Re-Aging Clinic)
  • Ocean Avenue: Dougie (Serling Hotel)
  • The Pier: Ezekiel – (Lifeguard HQ)
  • Venice Beach: Kai (Blue Crab Grill) or W.O. Rodriguez (The Tower)
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The Cost of Fuses

Fuses cost 1,500 dollars which seems expensive, but due to how useful they are with unlocking loot it is a fair price.

That is how you get fuses in Dead Island 2. What sucks is that you won’t be able to obtain the fuses through looting. I wish that there was just an option for players to find the fuses, but there are rare pulls.

Dead Island 2 is playable now on PC, PS4/5, Xbox One & Series X/S

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