The Final Shape is the most recent expansion for Destiny 2. Over the past decade, Bungie released a plethora of content for both Destiny and Destiny 2. To understand what is at stake, it remains important to look back and get caught up with the story before entering the Pale Heart of the Traveler to face the Witness. Minor spoilers for each expansion ahead.

Removed Content

Destiny 2 removed their base campaign, the Curse of Osiris, Warmind, and most of the Forsaken expansions in late 2020. The base campaign focused on the conflict between the Vanguard of Earth and the alien Cabal. After the Vanguard defeats their leader, Ghaul, Empress Caiatl took his place. She became the rightful ruler, as Ghaul deposed her father, Calus. She forms an alliance with the Vanguard.

Curse of Osiris and Warmind introduces Osiris and Ana Bray, two powerful Guardians that appear heavily in later expansions. Forsaken followed the final death of Cayde-6, the former Hunter Vanguard, by Prince Uldren Sov. Uldren’s attempts to locate his sister, Queen Mara, led him to become infected with Dark energy. After his death and subsequent revival, Uldren renames himself Crow and allies himself with the Vanguard.


The oldest accessible Destiny 2 expansion, Shadowkeep, has Eris Morn, a former guardian, and the player, explore the moon after the fall of Crota and his father, Oryx. They received their own expansions in the original Destiny game. They once served as powerful deities amongst an alien race called the Hive. Shadowkeep presents the first glimpse of the Witness in a cutscene at the end of the campaign. 

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Beyond Light

Beyond Light takes place on Europa, where the Eliksni have taken refuge. This race of four-armed aliens once worshiped the Traveler. Many Eliksni despise it after the Traveler abandoned their homeworld because of the Witness’ encroaching forces. This hatred causes many Eliksni to join the Witness and use the new power it provides. Ana Bray’s sister, Elsie, introduces Stasis, a new playable sub-class. It serves as the first abilities beyond the Traveler’s light. The gameplay and story tie into the Final Shape

The Witch Queen

The Witch Queen provides more information behind the Witness’ intentions. Oryx’s sister, Savathun, serves as the main antagonist. She intends on stealing the Traveler and players must thwart her plans. She serves as the first alien character to use the Traveler’s power. It expands upon the intentions of the Witness and its ties to the Hive. The gameplay and storyline makes this expansion difficult to miss.


Lightfall follows the Vanguard’s first attempt to stop the Witness. The Witness needs another entity, the Veil, to enact its plan of The Final Shape. Savathun reveals its location to Osiris. With the help of Empress Caiatl, players make their way to Neptune. The discovery of a hidden civilization yields a fifth sub-class. The Veil and denizens of Neomuna help train new guardians with Strand. With these new abilities, players fight against the forces of Emperor Calus and the Witness as it encroaches on its end goal.

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The Final Shape

The Final Shape begins after Crow enters the Traveler and reunites with Cayde-6. Both new and old enemies lurk within the Traveler. So far, The Final Shape takes the best parts of previous campaigns. It adds unique gameplay with one final subclass, Prismatic, which combines all the player’s abilities. The story completes the stories of many characters, while introducing new mechanics that make the game enjoyable.

Additionally, encounters with the Vex, a time traveling micro-robotic species, reveals the potential enemy for this season, or Episode. It involves content from the base campaign of Destiny 2 and small references to both Lightfall and Curse of Osiris.

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