Spider-Man 2 has been released, and it is an enjoyable game to play. A significant aspect of the game that I appreciate is the level of detail that has been incorporated. The most touching detail is the tribute to an actor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chadwick Boseman. Now, the question is, how do you find it? To make the process easier, I decided to write this piece to assist you in discovering it.

Who is Chadwick Boseman?

Chadwick Boseman is an actor who has played many roles in many notable movies. Some of these movies are 42, Get on Up, Marshall, and of course Black Panther. Boseman is the actor that played T’Challa/Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Unfortunately, Boseman would pass away in 2020 due to colon cancer at the age of 43. Boseman kept his illness a secret and his death came to a shock in many worldwide. This led to multiple tributes for him and of course they should keep going as Boseman was a phenomenal person and actor.

How to Find The Tribute

For this tribute to work, you have to switch to Miles Morales and once you do, swing over to Midtown. Now the place you have to go is the Wakandan Embassy and it is located on the side of the water. The map below showcases where it will be.

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In fact the street it is on is called Chadwick Way. The greatest part is that the original street was called 42nd Street and this calls out Boseman’s breakout role playing as Jackie Robinson in the movie 42. That is such a touching tribute and attention to detail.

How To Do The Tribute

This is actually pretty simple to do. All you have to do as Miles Morales is go to the Wakandan Embassy in the front of the doors and just press the triangle button. Miles then does the Wakanda Forever salute with his arms and even gets some cheers in the game as well. Just look at the tweet/video below.

That is it. That is all you have to do to pay tribute to a phenomenal actor and person. I still can’t believe Chadwick Boseman is no longer here, even though it has been 3 years since he passed, it just does not feel right, He was one of my favorite actors growing up and I will never forget him. Rest in peace Chadwick.

As for those that made the game, well done with this tribute. My question to you reading is Do you like this tribute? What about the game, Do you like it as well? Let me know in the comment section and don’t forget to give the article a like.

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Spider-Man 2 is available now and playable on PS5

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